How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android

As the world becomes more and more connected, it’s important that we have ways to make decisions quickly and efficiently – even when members are unavailable to meet in person. That’s where online polling comes in handy. And there’s no better platform for online polling than Telegram.

Telegram is a messaging app that is increasingly popular for both personal and business use. It’s simple to use and perfect for conducting polls. From our Android smartphones, we can create a poll in Telegram with just a few taps.

When we create a poll in Telegram, we can specify how long we want the poll to run (from one hour to one week). We can also invite as many people as we want to participate – perfect for getting input from a large group of people. Plus, all participants will get notification reminders about the poll, so nobody will forget to vote.

Conducting a poll on Telegram is quick, easy, and efficient – perfect for when we need to make decisions fast.

Telegram is a free, cloud-based messaging app that lets you text and voice messages anonymously. This service also offers end-to-end encrypted video calls and VoIP, file sharing, and several other features. Telegram lets you create optionally encrypted chats to send text messages or make video calls without worrying about being monitored. Users can also send their text messages, voice messages, videos, images, documents (even if they’re over 2 GB in size), user locations, animated stickers, contacts, and audio files.

Telegram is a messaging app for Android and IOS devices. They were founded in 2013 by twin brothers from Moscow. In October of that year, Telegram had 100,000 daily active users. This past June, they announced that they have 700 million monthly active users.

It would be difficult for us to hold an offline meeting to vote on our proposals because the pandemic is still going strong. Fortunately, Telegram has a polling feature that allows us to securely and remotely vote on options, without all the inconvenience of holding an offline meeting.

Here are the steps on How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android that you can read and follow.

  1. First, launch the Telegram app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Next, open a Telegram chat group.
  3. Then, tap the paper clip icon button.
    How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android
  4. After that, tap the poll option.
    How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android
  5. Fill in the title of the poll and fill in the options to be voted.
    How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android
  6. Last, tap the Create button to share the poll with the entire group members.
    How to Create a Poll in Telegram on Android

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