How to Restore WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone—Sadly, restoring WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone using the usual backup method won’t work. The reason for this is because iPhone’s architecture doesn’t support the cross-platform switch.

However, there is still some workaround you can try. Today, we’re going to look at one method using an app called Wutsapper. Keep reading!

  1. After downloading the app from the PlayStore, open it. The app will scan your phone to see if there’s any backup. If you haven’t made one, the app will guide you through it.How to Restore WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone
  2. Have an OTG cable at the ready. Connect both of your phones using the cable and tap Trust on both screens and fill in your phone number. Make sure that the number you entered is the one linked to your backup.
  3. Click Next so the app can parse your data. Once the process is complete, tap Start to begin the transfer.

And there you have it! We hope you find this tutorial useful. Thank you for reading!