If you are Mac and iPhone users, you can use AirDrop to send files. It allows you to transfer information through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. AirDrop is developed by Apple and introduced for the first time in Mac OS X Lion and iOS 7.

AirDrop becomes the main option to share and receive videos, photos, websites, locations, and more. If you are Android users, there are a lot of best AirDrop alternatives for Android that you can use to transfer files.

Here are the 10 best Apple’s AirDrop alternatives for Android:

1. SHAREit


Developed by Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd., SHAREit can be used to share files without the internet. It is a free data file and app transfer application that supports all types of files.

On Google Play, SHAREit has been rated 4.3 stars by more than 16 million users. It is a free app that also can be used to clean up your phone to save your mobile storage space.

Key features:

– Fast file sharing (42M/s)

– Support all types of files

– Easy-to-use file manager

– File Cleaner

– Infinite HD and selective online videos

– Music player and audio player

– Protecting privacy and data security

2. Zapya

Zapya 1

Using Zapya, you can share files of any format and of any size to all platforms, online or offline. This awesome app is developed by Dewmobile, Inc, offering an easy way for a file transfer.

Zapya has been rated 4.5 stars on Google Play by more than 8 hundred thousand users. It is a free app that also has an in-app product starting from $0.98 per item.

Key features:

– “Install All” feature

– Bulk File Transfer

– Phone Replication

– Upgraded iOS to Android Sharing

– Improved Android Support (Android 5 through Android 10)

3. LinShare

Developed by LINAGORA, LinShare comes as an Open Source secure file sharing solution for file transfer needs. It is also an awesome application that can cover your business security.

Designed as a free app, LinShare has been rated 4.9 stars on Google Play. It is an easy-to-use app that is totally free for everyone to download.

Key features:

– Shared Space

– Quickly and securely share files

– Unlimited attachment sizes

– My Space (file management)

4. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere 1

Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing can be done by using Send Anywhere. Developed by Estmob Inc., this awesome application can help you to transfer files, even to multi-people at once via a link.

On Google Play, Send Anywhere has been rated 4.8 stars by more than two hundred thousand users. It is a free app that also offers an in-app product that starts from $4.84.

Key features:

– Reinforced file encryption

– Transfer files to a specific device

– Share files to multi-people

– Transfer without using data or the Internet

– A one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer

– Easy file transfer without altering the original

5. Sweech

Sweech 1

Developed by Éric ALBER, Sweech can be used to exchange files with any smartphone, tablet, or computer easily. By using this awesome app, you no longer need other apps or any cable.

Sweech has been rated 3.9 stars by more than two thousand users on Google Play. It is a free app that also has an in-app product that starts from $1.96.

Key features:

– Transfer any kind of files from or to an Android device

– Play remotely video or music from your device on your computer

– Compatible with any system or device

– Device’s URL sharing with a QR Code or NFC

– Unlimited number of connected devices and no file size limit

6. Xender

Xender 1

It is the best sharing app for all your transfer needs. Developed by Xender File Sharing Team, Xender can be used to share photos, videos, music, files, and much more. It supports all types of files in any place at any time.

On Google Play, Xender has been rated 4.4 stars by more than 3 million users. It is a free app that also can be used without mobile data usage. You can play all videos and music right after receiving as well.

Key features:

– Flash speed in transferring files

– Unlimited file size

– No data usage, no cables, no internet

– Convert video to audio

– Free download videos from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp

– File manager

7. Filemail

Filemail 1

Developed by a great team from Filemail, this application is a hassle-free, ad-free, and free app to transfer large files. Filemail is perfect to transfer files, especially large files. You can share documents, pictures, music, videos, CAD files, and much more.

Filemail has been rated 4.5 stars on Google Play. You can download this app for free or try its in-app product that costs $11.85 per item.

Key features:

– Easy interface

– Send up to 5GB per transfer (no registration required)

– Transfer multiple folders or files

– Share files using a shareable download link

– Notifications when the recipient downloads shared files

– Cross-platform (Macs, Windows, iOS, Android)



By using SHARE ALL, you don’t need any cables or internet anymore. Developed by JZZ The IT Solution Pvt. Ltd, this application allows you to share photos, files, audios, videos with nearby friends. You can also share files separately or in a form of a bucket too.

On Google Play, SHARE ALL has been rated 4.1 stars by 20 thousand users. You can download and install this app on your Android for free.

Key features:

– Share files offline

– Support all Android devices

– No internet and no USB needed

– Bucket sharing

– Separate file sharing

– Fast sharing speed

– Optimized and powerful tools

9. EasyShare

EasyShare 1

Using EasyShare, you can experience the best data-free file transferring and sharing app ever. Developed by Vivo Communication Technology, this awesome app is fast, ad-free, and also works well without an internet connection.

On Google Play, EasyShare has been rated 4.7 stars by more than 150 thousand users. You can download this app from Google Play for free.

Key features:

– Fast speed for file transferring

– Fast speed phone replacement

– No internet connection is required

– No ads

– Support iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac Operating System

10. ShareMe

ShareMe 1

Developed by Xiaomi Inc, ShareMe is a file-sharing app that works on Android devices including Oppo, OnePlus, Samsung, LG, Vivo, and much more. You can use this app without an internet connection as well.

On Google Play, ShareMe has been rated 4.5 stars by more than 1 million users. It is an awesome file-sharing app that can be downloaded and used for free.

Key features:

– Fast share music apps, videos, files, and more

– No internet connection is required

– Transfer file between Android devices

– Friendly UI

– Send large files

– Support multiple languages

The best thing about using one of the best Apple’s AirDrop alternatives for Android above is you don’t need any internet connection. Those apps also allow you to even share and transfer large files (unlimited file sizes).