How to Delete All Photos Instantly from iPhone

Have an urge to clean your iPhone from photos that you captured quickly? Or, do you have no time to delete all of your photos on your iPhone? If both your answers are positive, you are in the right place. Here, I will show you in detail the Photos app on your iPhone and the way to get rid of all photos you have.

What is the Photos app?

Photos app is an app that is by default available for iOS. By using the Photos app we can browse, edit, and share our picture-perfect moments. The Photos app is the home of all of our photos and videos. with intelligent features that help you find, enjoy, and share your best shots.

Who develops the Photos app?

As the Photos app is always installed in the new iPhone, of course, we know that this app is developed by Apple. Photos app is not only available for iOS, but also iPad and Mac.

Why do we delete all photos instantly on iPhone?

When we want to upgrade our iPhone we need to sell our current iPhone. Before the iPhone is ready to sell, we need to clean all files including photos. However, deleting the photos one by one will waste a lot of time. So, we need to delete them instantly.

How to Delete All Photos Instantly from iPhone

Here are some ways that you can read and follow about How to Delete All Photos Instantly from iPhone.

  • Turn off iCloud Photos on iPhone
    First, open Settings, scroll down and choose the Photos app. Next, turn off the iCloud Photos toggle. Then, select Remove from iPhone and make sure that the Shared Albums toggle is switched off.
    How to Delete All Photos Instantly from iPhone
  • Delete photos from Main Library on iPhone
    Launch the Photos app, tap the Library tab, and hit All Photos. Then, tap the Select button, and tap the images to delete. Next, tap the Trash icon button. Last, tap Delete to confirm.
    How to Delete All Photos Instantly from iPhone
  • Delete all trashed photos
    Go to the Recently Deleted folder. Then tap Delete All button. Wait a moment until all photos are deleted permanently.
  • Use to delete all photos from your iPhone at once
    Access from your laptop or computer browser. Log in with your credential. Click on the Photos app icon. Select the Photos option on the left sidebar list. Block all images, and press the Delete key on your keyboard. After that, delete permanently all photos you currently deleted.

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