9 Best Free Link in Bio Tools for Instagram

These days, Instagram is not only a social media to share daily life activities but also an important platform for creators and marketers to introduce their content and products. Besides Stories, one of the best features that Instagram gives for its users is a feature to put a link on the user’s bio.

The problem comes when you are only allowed to get one link on your Instagram bio. All creators and marketers need to swap links every time they start a new campaign of their new products or content. If you are one of them, the only thing that you should do is using bio tools to optimize that one link of yours.

A link on your Instagram bio is an important matter, especially if you have a lot of audiences on this platform. By putting a link on your Instagram bio, it can help you to drive traffic to another platform such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter easier.

Here are 9 best free links in bio tools for Instagram:

Feedlink is one of the most feature-robust link in bio tools. It makes it ridiculously easy to create a social site with its own .link domain and a free SSL certificate.

This means that creators and small businesses will never need to struggle to register their own domain name and set up a secure microsite.

In this relation, the domain registration feature distinguishes Feedlink from the competition, allowing users to focus on their brand and avoid using third-party tools’ URLs.

Furthermore, Feedlink provides a subscription feature to a social media newsletter that is automatically generated with posts from Instagram and TikTok. It is a one-of-a-kind functionality that allows users to keep all their followers up to date with all their social media content that is at the same time linked to more resources or external pages for purchasing products and more.

Here are the main features included in the free version:

  • Advanced social media newsletter
  • Email subscription block
  • Pre-built link in bio templates library
  • Variety of link styles
  • Color themes
  • Complete analytics of total clicks and clicks by link

The PRO version includes:

  • Instagram integration to display and tag photos
  • TikTok integration to display and tag videos
  • .link domain registration for 1 year free
  • Free SSL certificate
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This bio tool offers more contact options to your followers. You can connect your social media profiles and links to one page only. You can even see a day-by-day breakdown of your link clicks.

Features provided on the free account of ContactInBio:

  • Your Custom Profile/Bio Url
  • 7 Free Themes
  • Import Your Links From Linktree
  • Custom Links
  • Whatsapp Button
  • Social Media Buttons
  • See a day-by-day breakdown of your link clicks
  • Contact Form
  • Music Services
  • Fonts Selection
  • Custom Text
  • Customization of links, text, and buttons colors styles.
  • Link Clicks Tracking
  • Page Visitors Analytics


By using Campsite, you can turn your one link into unlimited. This bio tool works well in all places you need to share, including Facebook or your email. Your simple social landing page from this bio tool consists of a collection of links with images.

Here are features provided on the free account of Campsite:

  • Branding, including colors and fonts control
  • Add an intro and change the title of your Campsite
  • Unlimited links
  • Showing the number of clicks on your link
  • Add images from your Instagram account to your links
  • Add your social accounts to your Campsite
  • Pin links to the top of the link list
  • Embed your Campsite profile on your website
  • Add one, single slide carousel
  • Design custom carousel images with Canva
  • Archive and restore links
  • Embed videos from Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, or Vimeo


This bio tool can turn your link in bio into a free website. Milkshake is easy to be used to connect all your followers to everything offered from your link in bio with a Milkshake website. By using this website, you can grow or launch promotions, passion projects, and business ideas easily.

Features that you will get on a free account:

  • Personalizing with text, blog posts, GIFs, contact details, links, and more
  • Customizing with brand fonts, colors, logos, and images
  • Available for multiple websites for all Instagram accounts with easy switch
  • Daily + monthly breakdowns of link clicks views


Another recommended bio tool for you is called LNK.BIO. It offers multiple links for your link in bio with multiple choices to your followers. You can also share your social media profiles and important links with one URL only. This tool is also perfect to add a link to a new sponsored campaign from a client.

LNK.BIO is very easy to use and it has a lot of amazing and cool features such as a cutting-edge interface and unlimited links. If you are an agent or an agency, your can manage all influencers’ link from a single control panel.

Features that you will get on a free account:

  • No extra cost
  • Unlimited Lnks
  • Random URL

Tap Bio

This bio tool is perfect for Instagram marketers. Tap Bio converts the marketers’ followers into customers. It also helps brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, and creators to connect their followers with their promoted things.

Features on a free account (basic):

  • A profile card
  • Additional cards (+1)
  • One IG Account
  • Free monthly or yearly


Using Linktree, you can connect your audiences to your content with one link only. This tool can be used anywhere and everywhere, a launchpad to your latest website, articles, or social post. You can also let your followers and fans support you in monetizing your ambitions and passions.

Linktree offers a simple drag-and-drop editor to manage your content effortlessly. It is a safe, trusted, and private tool for your personal data.

Features on a free account:

  • Unlimited links
  • Embed video content directly into your Linktree
  • A selection of built-in themes for customization
  • Collect emails, payments, and phone numbers from your audience
  • Tracking total views and clicks

Besides social bio links, elink also offers complete features to build webpages, save bookmarks, RSS website widgets, email newsletter, automated content, social walls, and much more.

It is an awesome tool with the most efficient and smartest way to engage your audience with your content by adding web links only.

Features on a free account:

  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Multiple Import Options
  • 5 links per post
  • 1 Elink post per day
  • 5 MB File Limit


For Instagram users, Linkin.bio is the freeway to drive traffic from their Instagram accounts easily. This tool provides awesome features such as drive traffic, track sales, embed anywhere, and also help you to optimize your Instagram bio.

Features on a free account:

  • One Social Set on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn
  • Visual Instagram Planner
  • Unlimited media
  • Saved Captions
  • 1 user
  • 30 posts per social profile


The last best free link in bio tools for Instagram that you can use is LinkBook. This tool can show everything on just one page. You can beautify your Instagram Bio Link page with animated links and GIF images and also share more than links on a micro landing page.

It is a 100% free tool for individuals with tons of the best quality features for attractive and modern designs to display awesomely.

Free features:

  • Ads remove for free
  • Social embedding
  • Animated links
  • UTM parameters
  • Links scheduling
  • Support GIF
  • In-depth statistics
  • Mail chimp integration
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Media embedding

Why you should use one of the best free links in bio tools for Instagram mentioned above? By using one of them, you can improve your marketing strategy on Instagram. Those bio tools also can help you to measure drive sales, drive traffic of your site, and the total clicks of your link.

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