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How to Make Cross References on Document Using MS Word

We’ll go over one of the many intriguing features provided by Microsoft Word, the text editor par excellence. We want to focus specifically on something that will be very useful to you on numerous occasions, and we refer to the cross-references that we can use here.

How to Fix Black Background Problem in The Icons in Windows

There appears to be a bug in Windows 10 that causes folders to have a black background. It does not affect the data inside; it simply makes the folder look… ugly. It could be caused by corrupted files, a problem with the folder thumbnail cache, or a problem with the Windows image.

How to Merge Multiple Excel Cells Into One on Windows

We frequently need to work with text data in Excel. It could be names, addresses, email addresses, or other text strings. It is frequently necessary to combine cells in Excel that contain text data. Your data may be in adjacent cells (rows/columns), or it may be far away in the same or a different worksheet.

How to Open BMP Files in Windows PC

Sometimes we come across files on our computer that we don’t recognize and certainly don’t know how to open and view. This could be the case with BMP files, which are a high-quality digital image format primarily used for printing. If we happen to have one and don’t know how to open it, you’ve come to the right place.