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How to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs

Some people adore Minecraft’s 8-bit chunky aesthetic, while others cannot believe such a game exists today. Whether you want to make Minecraft look chunkier, smoother, or somewhere in the middle, resource packs make it simple on the PC.

It’s also easier than ever to install Minecraft resource packs. Following the short guide below will give you a fresh new look in no time. If you find one that does not work, you may need to restore your Minecraft installation to a previous version. Fortunately, you can do so at any time by using the standard Minecraft launcher’s Installations tab.

What is Minecraft?

In the video game Minecraft, players build and destroy different sorts of blocks in three-dimensional environments. There are two primary game modes: Survival and Creative. Players in Survival are required to procure their building materials and food. They can also interact with moving creatures or mobs that resemble blocks. (Some of the deadly ones include zombies and creepers.) Players in Creative receive materials and don’t need to eat to survive. They are also instantly capable of breaking any type of block.

Who is Minecraft Developer?

Mojang Studios created the sandbox video game Minecraft to teach young people about programming. Markus “Notch” Persson used Java, a simple yet difficult programming language, to create the game. After decades of early private testing, it was finally made public in 2009. Notch stepped down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten took over development of Minecraft in 2011 when it was finally released after years of hard work. As of 2021, Minecraft has sold more than 238 million copies worldwide and almost 140 million monthly active users. It has also been adapted for use on other gaming platforms including Android, Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch.

If you’re into Minecraft, you’re likely aware that players can locate and extract raw materials and use them to create things and build structures. As the game progresses, players will learn how to make tools, weapons, machines, and other things, which will help them survive as they explore this virtual universe. Players who prefer a more competitive experience can face off against other players in their reality. But there are also those who prefer to play with others cooperatively or on their own in creative mode; these modes offer different challenges for users of all skill levels. Additionally, the addition of user-generated content is steadily adding additional game mechanics, such as mods and servers. For example: Skins and texture packs are useful for changing the appearance of your character or world; custom maps are newly created games that can be built by anyone without coding knowledge and uploaded for others to explore.

Why Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs?

The best Minecraft texture packs completely transform the appearance of your virtual worlds, so even the most mundane basic blocks can suddenly sparkle and become more visually appealing. There are numerous visual upgrades available, so whether you want to create a specific theme to tie your environment together or just change things up to add some interest to your adventures, there will be an option to meet your needs. When you combine some of the best Minecraft texture packs with the best Minecraft skins we’ve covered separately, the end result could look like a completely new game.

How to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs

Here are the steps of How to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs for you to read and follow. Follow the provided steps carefully.

  1. Download the resource pack (it may come in the form of a.Zip file). If this is the case, do not extract it).
  2. Start Minecraft and go to the ‘Options’ menu.
  3. Then select ‘Resource Packs.’
  4. Now click on ‘Open Resource Packs folder’
  5. Drag the texture pack file into the folder from here.
  6. The texture pack should now be visible in the list of available add-ons.


If you ask most people the difference between Texture Packs and Resource Packs, they generally respond that there isn’t one. If you’re looking for a bit of Minecraft history though, it’s important to note that Texture Packs are actually the legacy system used to add new textures to Minecraft. Texture Packs is what existed before we added Resource Packs which allow you to easily change all sorts of custom assets such as animations, fonts, and sounds in addition to textures.

Faithful Pack
imageHow to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs
Version: 1.18 | Resolution: 32×32 | Faithful

Isn’t that just normal Minecraft? No, but it’s understandable that you’d get them mixed up. The Faithful Pack doubles the texture resolution of Minecraft while remaining true to the source material. Faithful is the way to go if you want a slightly refreshed look for Minecraft without deviating too far from the original.

How to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs
Version: 1.19 | Resolution: 512×512 | Luna

LUNA HD is one of the most realistic Minecraft texture packs. Sign up for the team’s Patreon to get access to the high-end packs; you can download the 32x pack as a taster and then sign up for higher resolutions.

Colb’s PvP Packs
imageHow to Change Your Minecraft Resource Packs
Version: 1.8.9+ | Resolution: 16×16 | Planet Minecraft

Colb has a plethora of PvP texture packs, but Dragonfruit has long been a fan favorite. There are numerous other variations based on various fruits (and gems) that determine the color of your diamond tools, armor, and ores. Because all of Colb’s packs are technically designed for version 1.8.9, Minecraft will warn you that they are incompatible with later versions. Don’t worry, they’ll still work fine.

It’s as simple as that! A resource pack can completely change the look of Minecraft with little effort (and usually little strain on performance).

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