5 Tips on How to Make More Money as an iOS Developer

According to Statista, around 18% of people use iOS worldwide. This number shows how dominant Apple smart devices are and how profitable it is for developers to learn iOS development.

You can make tons of money as an iOS developer, even if you are new to the market. By following the five essential tips mentioned below, you can enable yourself to find more gigs and improve your portfolio by the end of 2023 – keep reading!

1. Boost Your Website

Your website is the best way to introduce yourself to your potential clients. Having a website shows that you are serious about your work and don’t only rely on freelance platforms to find gigs. Other than that, your website can also help you build a list of email subscribers to stay engaged with your clients.

Creating an amazing website design and posting all the relevant information on your website is not enough. You need to ensure that your website is discoverable through search engines by utilizing the best SEO practices.

2. Build Your Social Presence

One of the easiest ways to find more clients is to get active on social media. Having a strong presence on social channels will make it easier to showcase your iOS development skills and interact with your clients.

Getting started with branding on social media is not difficult. Contrary to what many developers think, you don’t need to invest a lot of time and effort to get followers on social channels. Having a content calendar can make it easier for you to keep your followers engaged and find more clients.

Other than that, you can also analyze how other developers are using social media to learn the strategies that can work for you.

3. Grow Your Network

Networking is the most important thing that many developers ignore. As an iOS developer, you can only find more clients if you establish your authority and relevance in the industry. Growing your network makes it easier to get in touch with fellow developers and find more gigs.

Contrary to what many developers think, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort on networking strategies to build your network. It’s better to participate in online events instead of attending physical events so you can manage your time easily and grow your network without disturbing your routine.

4. Sell Your Course

If you want to branch out from development eventually, you need to learn how you can make passive income. One of the best channels for making passive income is selling a course online. Publishing a good course can enable you to help other aspiring developers and also establish yourself as a trusted developer.

Creating and publishing a course is no longer difficult nowadays. There is no shortage of online platforms where you can sell your course without having to meet anyone in person. Explore different online platforms for selling courses to choose the one which suits you most.

5. Publish Your App

If you have a good grip on iOS development and want to start your own business, then you should consider publishing an app on the App Store.

The good thing about publishing an app is that it can help you earn through multiple streams. For example, you can integrate Google AdMob into your mobile app to earn money through Google ads. You can also offer in-app purchases and earn every time a person buys something within your app. Once your app is successful and you have a large base of users, you can start offering affiliate products from your app to earn more.

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