How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone

Have you ever read articles in Safari with enabled Reading Mode on your iPhone? If you haven’t let me spill a bit about the mode. There are some excellent benefits that we can get when reading articles on the internet using Safari on iPhone with a Reading mode that we can get. To know how to use the mode, let’s read the entire article carefully.

Reading mode is a feature that we can use on the Safari browser on our iPhone. This feature is usually can be found on the address bar handle. In some devices, the reading Mode is not available by default. So, we need to enable it first before using it. Once it is enabled, we can just tap the Aa button to activate it.

Not all people love to use Reading Mode. However, Reading mode on iPhone is most likely used by people who love to browse and read articles on the Safari browser. They activate reading mode to increase comfort in reading. The more comfortable their reading experience is, the longer their duration will be.

There are some reasons for people using Reading Mode. First, the mode is removing ads. Once the reading mode is activated, the ads on the website they read will disappear. Second, it creates a high-contrast reading experience. Users will see the high-contrast page that is good to improve focus and comprehension. Last, there is a feature that allows us to custom the background color, font, and font size for more comfortable reading.

How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone

Here are the steps on How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone that you can read and follow.

  1. First, launch the Safari browser.
  2. Search for a website’s article that you want to read.
  3. After that, tap the Aa button near the address bar.
    How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone
  4. Then, tap the Show Reader option.
    How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone
  5. Once the reading mode is enabled, the page color will change to dark.
    How to Enable Reading Mode on an iPhone

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