How to stabilize your shaky videos with Google Photos—Sometimes, after filming you find that the footage is shaky. While most modern video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Corel VideoStudio Pro has the stabilizer feature, they don’t come cheap.

Luckily, Google Photos has a similar feature and it’s free.  Keep in mind however that this feature is only exclusive to Android. To fix a shaky video using Google Photos’ stabilizer, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Photos > Library > Photos on Device
  2. Tap on a video you want to stabilize.
  3. Tap the Settings icon on the bottom middle.
  4. Choose “Stabilize” and wait for the process to be done.
  5. Tap “Save copy” to save the video.

How to Stabilize Your Shaky Videos with Google Photos Android

It’s better to aim for smooth footage during filming, as it would mean less work for the stabilizing feature. Regardless, Google Photos is a free and viable option to make simple stabilizing tweaks to your videos.