9 Quick Ways to Burn a CD or DVD on Your MacBook

9 Quick Ways to Burn a CD or DVD on Your MacBook — Using a CD or DVD is still very common even though flash disks already existed. One of the reasons people are still using CDs is their low price. Some university students use CDs to submit their tasks to the lecturer. Even nowadays we can use online storage, but not all lecturers are familiar with it.

If you are of MacBook user that is struggling to burn your CD and still wondering how to do that, here are the 9 Quick Ways to Burn a CD or DVD on Your MacBook


Connect the external CD drive to your MacBook > Insert the CD to the drive > Open Finder > Find file to drop onto CD > Drag and drop the file > Click the Burn button > Wait a moment until the burning process is done > After done, eject the CD.

9 Quick Ways to Burn a CD or DVD on Your MacBook
  1. Insert your CD to your MacBook. If you use MacBook that has no CD ROM you can use external drive to do it.
  2. The Finder on your MacBook will recognize your blank CD or DVD.
  3. Now, find the files on your MacBook, then drag and drop them onto the CD.
  4. After the files have dragged and dropped, find the Burn button under the search handle.
  5. Click the Burn button to start the burning process for your CD.
  6. Before it is really started, a pop-up will appear. You can rename your CD before you burn it.
  7. After you rename it, click the Burn button and the process has started.
  8. The burning process can take a few minutes depend on the type of the CD you used.
  9. Once the burning process is done, you can eject it from your MacBook.There is an additional information, for those who use MacBook with built-in CD ROM there will be no problem to do this kind of task in MacBook, But for those who use MacBook with no built-in CD ROM, they must install an external drive to open or burn a CD or DVD.That’s all. Hope you are successfully burned your CD or DVD on your MacBook. If you have any question or difficulties related to MacBook usage, kindly leave your question on the comment section and we will happy to help you. Thank you for visiting nimblehand.com. Stay healthy and see you on the next article. :))

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