WhatsApp has just released a new long-anticipated feature, which is called multi-device.

Previously, WhatsApp had supported multi-device, but this time they overhauled the architecture. If in the past all devices had to be connected to a smartphone, now it is no longer needed, after a device is connected, WhatsApp will run independently. Without your smartphone.

Image credit: Facebook

To get this feature you have to join the WhatsApp beta program on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the beta program for iOS is full. If you are an Android user, please check the WhatsApp beta program on the Play Store.

If it’s full, you can download WhatsApp beta from APKMirror. Make sure you have WhatsApp version installed.

Now, Open your WhatsApp on Android, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right, select Linked devices. You will get a pop-up to try out the new multi-device feature.

Join the multi-device beta, after that, all sessions on other devices that have been connected will immediately be disconnected, and you have to reconnect.

Once connected again, your WhatsApp’s multi-device will use the new protocol. Just try it!

This new WhatsApp multi-device feature supports 4 devices other than the smartphone, so you can use 5 devices simultaneously.

Please note that you cannot use the web and desktop app to send messages and call people who are using outdated versions of WhatsApp.