How to Get The New WhatsApp’s Multi-Device Feature

WhatsApp has just released a new long-anticipated feature, which is called multi-device. Previously, WhatsApp had supported multi-device, but this time they overhauled the architecture. If in the past all devices had to be connected to a smartphone, now it is no longer needed, after a device is connected, WhatsApp will run independently. Without your smartphone.

Using WhatsApp on multiple devices, such as an Android phone and a Windows 10 computer, can provide several benefits and enhance your overall messaging experience. Some reasons for using WhatsApp on multiple devices include:

  1. Convenience: Accessing WhatsApp on multiple devices allows you to respond to messages and interact with contacts from any device you’re currently using. This means you don’t need to switch between devices to stay connected.
  2. Increased productivity: For those who use WhatsApp for professional purposes, having the app available on multiple devices can help improve productivity. You can easily manage conversations and collaborate with colleagues without being restricted to a single device.
  3. Easier typing and file sharing: Typing long messages or sharing files is often more comfortable on a computer than on a mobile device. Multi-device support enables you to compose messages and share media using a full-size keyboard and a larger screen, enhancing your overall experience.
  4. Better multitasking: Using WhatsApp on multiple devices allows you to multitask more effectively. For example, you can respond to messages on your computer while referencing information on your phone, or vice versa.
  5. Device backup: In case your primary device experiences technical issues or runs out of battery, you can seamlessly continue your conversations on another device without any disruption.
  6. Accessibility: People with certain disabilities or ergonomic issues might find it easier to use WhatsApp on a larger screen, like a tablet or computer, with a more accessible input method.
How to Get The New WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature
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To get this feature you have to join the WhatsApp beta program on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the beta program for iOS is full. If you are an Android user, please check the WhatsApp beta program on the Play Store.

If it’s full, you can download the WhatsApp beta from APKMirror. Make sure you have WhatsApp version installed.


Install WhatsApp v. > Launch the app > Tap 3-dot button > linked devices
> Tap OK on pop-up > Tap Join Beta

WhatsApp Beta: Get In Into the Multi-Device feature

1. Now, Open your WhatsApp on Android, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right, and select Linked Devices. You will get a pop-up to try out the new multi-device feature.

How to Get The New WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature
How to Get The New WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature

2. Join the multi-device beta, after that, all sessions on other devices that have been connected will immediately be disconnected, and you have to reconnect.

How to Get The New WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature

3. Once connected again, your WhatsApp’s multi-device will use the new protocol. Just try it!

How to Get The New WhatsApp's Multi-Device Feature

4. This new WhatsApp multi-device feature supports 4 devices other than the smartphone, so you can use 5 devices simultaneously.

Please note that you cannot use the web and desktop app to send messages and call people who are using outdated versions of WhatsApp.

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