How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10

It’s pretty handy to know how to change the mouse cursor in Windows 10. After all, you constantly use your mouse cursor to select, highlight, drag, and carry out a variety of other daily tasks when using a computer.

If you’re not an expert who can perform all tasks with keyboard shortcuts, you should ensure that your mouse cursor is adjusted to be ideal for you.

What is Cursor Icon?

A mouse cursor icon—also called a mouse arrow, mouse pointer, or mouse pointer—is a graphical image that is used to activate or control particular elements in a graphical user interface. It more explicitly indicates where your mouse should go after performing its next action, such as starting a program or moving a file. When a user moves their mouse, the mouse pointer moves in the same direction as their hand. The image depicts a mouse cursor in action.

Who is the Developer of Cursor Icon?

Any application can use any of the standard cursors that Windows offers at any time. The standard cursor identifiers, which start with the IDC_ prefix, are contained in the SDK header files.

There is a default image corresponding to each common cursor. Any standard cursor’s default image may be changed at any time by the user or an application. The SetSystemCursor function is used by an application to change the default image.

Why do We Change Cursor Icon?

In Windows 10, you can customize the mouse cursor in addition to changing its size, color, and visibility. You can download and install cursor schemes or even change the pointer theme. You are not required to use the standard cursor. You can always increase its visibility or interest. With Windows, you can select from a variety of built-in themes and alter the appearance using optional cursor packs.

How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can alter the color, shape, and size of the mouse cursor among other things. Select the appropriate link for your computer’s operating system from the list below to continue, then follow the on-screen directions.

  1. Open Windows Search from the taskbar in Windows 10.
  2. Enter “Mouse” to see mouse-related search results. To open the Settings screen, choose the top result that says “Change your mouse settings” or “Mouse Settings.”
  3. Select Additional mouse options from the list of Related settings on the right of the Mouse settings screen.
    How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10
  4. Select the Pointers tab on the Mouse Properties dialog. With these options, you can alter how the cursor looks.
  5. From the dropdown menu, pick a scheme. Every installed cursor pack and every default Windows mouse theme are included in the list.
    How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10
  6. To view a pointer scheme’s icon preview in the Customize box, select it.
  7. To use the plan, select Apply. If you approve of the plan, click the OK button to close the dialog.
    How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10

How to Get a Custom Cursor in Windows 10

You can install third-party cursor packs and customize individual pointers and cursors in Windows. In a nutshell, you can combine them to create a color scheme.

Cursor packs that have been downloaded may contain both CUR and ANI files. Static cursors are represented by CUR file extensions, whereas animated cursors are represented by ANI file formats.

  1. Change the pointer or cursor by highlighting and selecting it.
  2. Select Browse from the Mouse Properties screen’s bottom right corner. It will navigate to the Windows Cursors folders (C:\Windows\Cursors). Choose a cursor that corresponds to the function you want it to perform.
  3. Choose Open. Then click Apply to save your new cursor.
  4. Save this custom scheme by selecting Save As > renaming the scheme and pressing Ok.
  5. To exit the Mouse Properties dialog box, click OK.

How to Change Cursor Size and Color

Follow the steps below to resize and change the color of the mouse cursor in Windows 10.

  1. Navigate to Mouse Settings > Mouse and cursor size.
    How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10
  2. Move the slider under Change pointer size and color on the Mouse pointer screen to increase or decrease the pointer size. To change the color, click on a thumbnail.
  3. Change the visual feedback for touch points to be darker and larger. To change the thickness of the cursor, drag the slider to the right.
    How to Change Cursor Icon on Windows 10

Aside from aesthetics, there may be other reasons to change your cursor. Make your cursor more visible against a dark or light background, for example. High contrast cursors (such as the Inverted schemes) are an accessibility requirement for people with low vision.

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