How to Download Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are convenient tools to showcase time-sensitive information. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to download Instagram Stories, so most people settle for screenshots.

However, screenshots may not be able to capture the image quality and full resolution of Instagram Stories. This is why, in some cases, you may need the help of third-party tools to download Instagram Stories for you.


Go to PlayStore > Search for Instagram Story downloader > Install the app > Go to your Instagram > Tap on the story you saved > Tap 3-dot button > Copy link > Paste the link to Instagram Story Downloader > Download

Downloading Instagram Stories in 3 Easy Steps

This tutorial will show you how, as well as recommend a few Instagram Story downloaders worth trying. Keep reading!

1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Instagram Story downloader. There should be many options for you to choose from. We recommend InStore and CosSoft’s Story Saver for Instagram.

2. Go to your account, and tap on the story you want to save. Hit the three dots on the top corner and select Copy Link.

How to Download Instagram Stories

3. Open your Instagram Story Downloader and paste the link to the field. Hit Download or other similar options to save your story. If you’re on PC, you can also opt for the web alternative such as this Instagram Stories and Highlights Downloader.

And there you go! Easy, right? We hope you like this tutorial. If so, leave a comment and share it around. Thanks for reading!

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