How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker — Sending messages through WhatsApp is not a new thing for us. Everybody is already familiar with that app. Also, we can use stickers to explain make our chats more interesting. Besides, we can also use animated stickers too. There are a lot of animated stickers that WhatsApp provides to its users for free. So, we can download any animated stickers that are available there. By using that sticker we can send messages more expressively, and sometimes the stickers decrease our effort in typing a certain expression. If you are still unfamiliar with using this animated sticker, I am going to show you how it works.

How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker

Well, here are the steps of How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker. Do enjoy.

  1. Grab your smartphone, and launch your WhatsApp.
  2. Now, open a contact like you are going to send a message.
  3. Then, tap the emoji icon near the message column field.
    How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker
  4. After that, tap the sticker icon.
    How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker
  5. Find the + button and tap it.
    How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker
  6. Download the sticker package there.
    How to Add WhatsApp Animated Sticker
  7. Once it is done, back to the message column. Tap the sticker icon, then choose the sticker you downloaded previously.
  8. Now, choose any sticker that you want to send to your contact.

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