How to Play YouTube Videos in Pop-Up Mode on Android Using NewPipe — Watching YouTube videos while we are opening any other apps seems amusing. That kind of idea is not possible to do using the native YouTube app. But you still can watch YouTube videos in a popup using an additional app. It is NewPipe. By using NewPipe, you can watch YouTube videos without standing by on the app itself.

To know how the detail about How to Play YouTube Videos in Pop-Up Mode on Android Using NewPipe, here are the steps that you can read and follow:

  1. Grap your Android smartphone and launch your browser.
  2. Access this article with your smartphone browser.
  3. Then, click NewPipe.
  4. After that click the NewPipe v0.21.14 button.
  5. Wait for a few moments until the download process is done.
  6. Once it’s done, install the app.
  7. Then, launch the NewPipe.
  8. Now, search a video on the search bar.
  9. When you find the video that you want to play, tap to play it.
  10. After that, tap the Popup option there.
  11. You will see that the video that you currently play changes into a popup.
  12. Now you can go back to your standby phone screen and still see the video playing as a popup.
How to Play YouTube Videos in Pop Up Mode on Android Using NewPipe

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