iPhone devices are one of the most popular smartphones globally, outselling all other brands. However, people have noticed that their iPhones become extremely slow once you add too many applications and have an impact on your daily life, such as making calls and sending messages.

iPhone devices were created to be efficient and super easy to use. However, due to the popularity of iPhones growing exponentially, it seems that Apple has not focused on adding enough storage space for their products. This means you will only have a small amount of GB left after installing apps. As well as this, Many iPhones are bought by businessmen that rely on making calls, sending messages, and using the internet for work. Therefore they will need more apps to improve their productivity.

What is Productivity?

Productivity can be ambiguous as it focuses on the person’s output and not their input. For example, some people may put in a lot of time and effort into working but still have no results to show, while others may have a shorter amount of time but get more done. Productivity also focuses on the importance of value and does not say anything about who creates the product.

The best free productivity apps

There is always a concern for optimizing your devices for better efficiency. Similarly, if you have thought, how do I optimize my iPhone for productivity? Here are some free productivity apps iPhone users should check out: These are available for free download and give you maximum productivity.

7 Minute Workout Challenge

The 7-minute workout challenge implements many different exercises that can be done in just seven minutes.


This app is a free calendar reminder that users can schedule reminders that pop up on their devices. It also includes a feature to manage tasks and lists, synced between all your devices with iCloud.


This app offers task prioritization and lets you attach files to tasks that can be accessed anywhere on any device.


This app also allows users to record tasks and set reminders. iCloud itself is covered with a layer of safety but for better anonymity use free iOS VPN.


This app is for people who want to get stuff done without distractions. It’s a great phone blocker that will help you stay focused on getting things done.

How Can I use my iPhone more effectively?

The iPhone is the most used device in this present generation. Most people use iPhones to access the internet, send emails, take selfies, and many more things. But some iPhone tricks and tips can make your life easier by all means. So here we will be discussing some of those tricks and tips:

Set the priority of all your apps

Every time you download an app, it is set as high-priority by default. However, unless you manually change this setting, it will not interrupt whatever task you’re doing to give you alerts about new mail or messages. Remember that push notifications (emails, messages, etc.) are distracting when using your phone for work.

Customize your phone’s settings to optimize battery life

If you spend a lot of time on your iPhone outside of work hours, it can be easy to run down the battery while checking Facebook or playing games. In addition, some hidden iPhone features are enough to drain your battery life. Set your phone on “Airplane Mode” at home to conserve power, so it doesn’t search for service.

Create folders for different types of apps

One common problem with the iPhone is that all apps are lumped into one location, making it difficult to find what you want. An easy solution is to create folders and name them after the types of apps they’ll hold (such as email and games).

Use Siri for your shortcuts

Siri works best when you assign her tasks that she can complete in one command. For example, saying “good night” to Siri will switch your iPhone to silent mode and turn off notifications. To avoid typos, activate dictation mode in Settings before using the voice-command feature.

Using VPN for Safety 

There are several free ios VPNs for anonymous browsing, unblocking sites, IP address masking, online banking security, and much more. First, ensure that your VPN for Apple is compatible with the device you are using. Then, check if there are any specific software or tools downloaded for your device, confirm it’s safe to use, and do not reveal any information.

Resist the urge to buy stuff

Many apps are only free for a limited time, so if you’re tempted to install them, don’t. To keep the iPhone clutter-free, delete apps you no longer use. These apps might be heavy so look for ovpn for IOS to have a better access to these apps

Use Instagram filters for your photos.

This cool iPhone feature allows you to click on a lightweight photo app that enables you to quickly upload, edit and share your pictures with friends via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Get organized with color-coded notes.

You can assign your tasks different colors to keep them organized. For example, you could use red for personal tasks, blue for work, or yellow for things that need to be done ASAP. Colored labels are also useful if you want to prioritize your list of “to-dos.”

Use Find My iPhone

You could recover important contacts if you deleted an important email accidentally. This feature will help you find it. To prevent data loss, use Apple’s iCloud service to back up your device once a day.

Create an “I’m Busy” calendar

When you know there are certain periods during the day when you need to get your work done, create an event called “I’m Busy” on your iPhone. The title of this event will become a flag for Siri or any other upcoming alerts that you have no access to messages at the moment.