Android is a rich and diverse operating system thanks to its open-source origins and long years of investment by software giant Google. Mobile gaming has struggled to throw off its reputation as a poor substitute for the quality and caliber of gameplay offered on home games consoles and PCs. While in the early days of the smartphone revolution that was inarguably true, in recent years investment in the sector, coupled with significantly more powerful hardware, has paved the way to turning the operating system into a gaming powerhouse.

Yet to get the most out of these experiences, users need to employ a few tricks and tips to optimize their devices for top-tier gaming. Below we’ll be taking a look at 5 key strategies anyone, irrespective of the device they own can utilize to maximize their gaming on Android.

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Get the Best Deals Out There

Cost prohibition is a very real challenge to overcome in certain cases. Even on home game consoles, the cost of games has steadily risen over the years due to rising development scale and monetary inflation. On mobile operating systems such as Android, the temptation to cut corners often leads people to purchase or invest in “shovel-ware” freemium titles, and low-cost knock-offs that deliver an unsatisfactory experience. While it’s true that some developers charge a premium for certain titles, there are a number of ways to ensure you’re getting a good deal on your chosen titles. For example, the Play Store, which is home to a staggering 449,000 games, often runs frequent promotions and sales on popular titles. By checking in on the latest deals running in this catalog, users can often get large discounts of over 50% on high-quality games. 

Users can also make the most of various online resources available to them to shop around and get a good price for their chosen gaming preference. For example, comparison platforms such as oddschecker delivers a comprehensive run-down on the various offers and bonuses proffered by reputable online casinos operating in the US. Such indexes empower gamers to maximize their investment in the safe knowledge that they’re getting a good deal. Elsewhere, those seeking top-tier gaming can explore the benefits of free-2-play titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. These games can be played from your Android device free of charge, and deliver gameplay to rival anything available on the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

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Maximize Gaming Session Battery Life

One of the things that have historically hampered gaming on smartphones is battery performance. After all, many of the earliest true smartphones featured small batteries that seldom lasted through a whole day, even on standby. This is one area where modern devices have improved significantly, with many now shipping with batteries in excess of 4 or even 5,000mAh capacity. Such large batteries often ensure a 2-day battery, or in excess of 5 hours of dedicated screen-on time. This, coupled with higher charging speeds, mitigates many of the obstacles faced by earlier devices. In spite of this, some may prefer or require even more performance in this area. The best option to employ in this case is the use of an external battery pack. These can increase your smartphone’s battery life by a multiple of 5 to 7 times in certain cases. 

Expand Your Input with Peripherals

Touch controls justifiably have a mixed reputation among dedicated gamers. This is because, when it comes to games that are explicitly designed to operate with a touch interface such as Monument Valley, they deliver a unique and engaging experience. However, many popular games that are ported over from conventional consoles attempt to replicate controller inputs through on-screen controls. These lack the tactile feedback of a game controller and additionally require users to obscure parts of the screen with their fingers in order to play. A superior alternative is to invest in a controller peripheral that can attach to your device, converting it into a dedicated gaming machine much like the Nintendo Switch. These come in a large variety of forms, from side-mounting button inputs to a holster that connects your Android device to an existing controller such as an Xbox gamepad. Using such peripherals can bring gaming on the platform to life by enabling you to enjoy ported games in the way they were designed to be enjoyed. 

Seek out Critically Acclaimed Titles

As stated previously, one of the biggest obstacles perceived to hold Android gaming back is the low quality of many titles available on the platform. A popular game, such as Angry Birds, quickly spawns dozens of low-quality imitators. As such, it’s important to research which games are truly worth your time and money. Android’s own Play Store can help in this respect thanks to its user-based star rating system. Furthermore, the Play Store runs a rotating feature of “Editor’s Choices”, which are games selected by the platform’s curators as particularly commendable. Beyond the app store itself, one can find many resources online focused on reviewing and assessing the latest mobile games. These can fast-track you to finding the best games out there in any genre on Android.

Jump into the World of Cloud Gaming

Perhaps the biggest development in the world of Android gaming in recent years is the rise of cloud gaming services such as Google’s own Stadia and Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming platform. These offer gamers the ability to play fully-fledged console titles, right on their smart devices. The process works in a similar way to video streaming — you connect your phone to a remote server and play games in real-time over the internet. This opens up the ability to play titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on the go, without needing to invest in costly gaming systems. While this technology is still in its early stages and requires fast, stable connection speeds to be viable, it’s very likely the future of the industry. This is because both broadband and 5G speeds are improving on an almost daily basis.