Apple CarPlay is a great way to make your car the ultimate entertainment center. You can use it to listen to music, get directions, and even watch TV. But can you really watch TV on Apple CarPlay? Keep reading to find out.

Apple has announced a new feature called CarPlay. The new feature will allow drivers to use iPhone features while driving. As far as I know, it is the first time when we can use any smartphone feature while driving. But there is a limitation, only iPhones can use this feature.

Apple CarPlay is the official name of the new feature and it is compatible with vehicles manufactured after 2014. This new feature will support all Android phones and iOS devices. So, what’s the difference between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

What is CarPlay?

CarPlay is the official name of the new feature and it is compatible with vehicles manufactured after 2014. CarPlay allows you to control phone functions such as playing music, making calls, sending messages, accessing Siri, and navigating using voice commands.

In addition to that, you can also use the CarPlay interface to access a number of apps including Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio.

So, how can you use this feature?

There are two ways to use this feature.

First way

You can connect your iPhone to your car via a Lightning cable. When you connect your iPhone to the car, a small screen will appear on the dashboard and you will be able to use the phone’s features.

Second way

The second way is to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is the most common way to use the feature.

How to use Apple CarPlay?

To activate Apple CarPlay, you just need to connect your iPhone to your car via a Lightning cable. The new feature will automatically activate and you will be able to use the features.

In addition to that, you will be able to use all of your phone features including music, messaging, calling, and navigation. You can also use Apple Maps, turn-by-turn directions, and the Maps app.

Step 1. First of all, download the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the car via the USB port.

Step 3. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to the OBD port of the vehicle.

Step 4. Now open the Apple CarPlay and choose the app that you wish to use.

Step 5. Enjoy the live streaming of TV, radio and other entertainment apps.

Is it safe to use this feature while driving?

Yes, Apple CarPlay is the safest feature ever.

In fact, it is a much safer feature than Android Auto. You can use your iPhone safely while driving.

Does Apple CarPlay Work With Bluetooth?

When wireless options are available, who doesn’t like to plug in the cables? The bad news is that many cars don’t have the capability to use Apple CarPlay. You don’t have to worry about shuffling through an extra cable when connecting to CarPlay. You can connect it via Bluetooth with your iPhone.

Some cars come with a built-in wi-fi network that can be used to communicate with your phone. Once the initial setup is complete, you’ll be able to launch CarPlay on the stereo without touching anything, as it’ll pair up and start automatically every time you get inside your car.

Play video in your car- Youtube & Netflix:

If you don’t use your phone while you’re driving, you’ll be able to reduce distracted driving. You can access your messages, reply, select music, and check out the weather by using your voice and having notifications read to you from the head unit or car screen.

Setting up your favorite show on the internet while you are driving to work is against the purpose. Is there a bigger distraction than watching TV while you are driving?

That is probably the reason it is not a feature of the app. It’s one of the best ways to entertain your family on those long drives and despite how much we love them, kids tend to distract us.

Can Apple CarPlay play Netflix?

While Apple CarPlay allows you to access various apps, it doesn’t include a streaming service. You can’t use Apple’s mobile device to watch streaming services. Because Apple doesn’t allow some visual apps to be part of the default setup of CarPlay, it’s likely that distracted driving will be prevented.


The Apple CarPlay is a great tool that will not only provide you with entertainment but also will help you to keep yourself safe while driving.

When you can play videos on your phone, traffic jams will be less boring and car trips with the family will be more interesting. We used WheelPal and CarBridge and had a lot of fun.

In some cases, the jailbroken app will actually run better than the original one, if you enable your music app, navigation app, and even audiobooks with both of these solutions. There is a good reason we don’t watch videos when we are driving. It’s important to remember the safety of you and your passengers first.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, then you must try Apple CarPlay. This will surely help you to enjoy the live streaming of TV, radio, and other entertainment apps.

I hope you liked this post about “Can you watch TV on Apple CarPlay”. I know some of you have already tried the mentioned ways but I am sure you will love the results.