Having multiple calendars with different appointments on each one is a sure recipe for double bookings and a fight with someone you’ve irritated. Subscribing to your Outlook Calendar in Google Calendars will help you become more organized and dependable.

How To Synchronize Calendar in Outlook With Google Calendar

To do this, you’ll need Outlook and a Google Calendar (which is self-explanatory), but no plug-ins, add-ins, extensions, or third-party tools.
Microsoft and Google both support the iCal format, which stands for “iCalendar.” It is a free and open standard for exchanging calendar and scheduling information between computers and users that has been in use since the late 1990s. This means that if you have the correct link, you can subscribe to iCals, which is the method we’ll use here.

Use an Outlook Link to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

You must first obtain an Outlook link before you can sync Outlook and Google Calendar using one of several devices. Because both platforms use the same format, synchronizing the two calendars does not require any additional plug-ins or extensions.

Here’s how to get the Outlook link:

  1. Open your “Office 365” account.
  2. Go to “Outlook,” then “Settings,” and then “View All Outlook Settings.”
  3. Select “Calendar” and then “Shared Calendars.”
  4. You can find the link you need in the “Publish Calendar” section.Outlook Calendar
  5. Choose “Calendar,” then “Can view all details,” and finally “Publish.”
  6. To use later in Google, copy the “ICS link” (below the HTML link at the bottom).
  7. Once you’ve obtained your Outlook calendar link, you can proceed with the synchronization. “Google Calendar” should be open.
  8. At the bottom of the page, click “Other calendars +.”
  9. Now, select “From URL.”
  10. Paste the saved link and click “Add calendar.”
  11. You can select your Outlook calendar from the “Other calendars” section in the bottom left area. The sync process is now finished.

You have the option to save the calendar, change its colors, and even rename it. If you ever want to disconnect the two calendars, simply hover over the calendar’s name and click on the “X” icon.

You can now access all of your Google Calendar meetings from Outlook, keeping everything in one place. If you run a customer-based business, synchronizing Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar prevents missed events at home or work and allows you to avoid duplicate bookings. Furthermore, if you have multiple accounts, you can now connect them all, regardless of whether you’re using each one on a phone or a computer.