Microsoft Word is jam-packed with features that elevate it above the status of a mere word processor. There are numerous options available for adding and formatting images. You can crop them, add borders, remove the background, and so on in Word. But did you know you could combine images?

Assume you have two images and need to place one on top of the other for some reason. If you have image editing software on your computer, it is very simple. Word, on the other hand, can do it as well.

Select the Appropriate Settings

You cannot simply drag images on top of one another because this will reorganize your entire document. Set these options for each of the images to make positioning them easier.

Text Wrapping Option

Wrap Text by right-clicking the image. You can overlay images in a Word document using any option other than In Line with Text. So choose Square, Tight, Behind Text, or another alternative that matches the style of your document.

Nota bene: From the Layout tab, you can also select a new Wrap text option.

Turn on the Allow Overlap option.

There is one more step before you can drag images on top of one another. To enable the Allow overlap option, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the image.
  2. Navigate to the Layout tab.
  3. Navigate to Position > More Layout Options.
  4. Select the Allow overlap checkbox.
  5. To save the new settings, click OK.
How to Use Overlay Pictures in Microsoft Word

How to Arrange the Pictures

It may be difficult to achieve the desired result if you want to overlap three or more images. Instead of starting over every time you get the wrong image order, you could use these Microsoft Word tools to simplify your task.

Navigate to the Layout tab after selecting the image you want to arrange. Open the Bring Forward and Send Backward menus from there. Select Bring Forward, for example, to place one image on top of another. Select Bring to Front if you want that image to be at the top of all images.

Use the Send Backward and Send to Back tools to send one of the images in the back.

How to Use Overlay Pictures in Microsoft Word

Overlaying images in Microsoft Word is one of many ways to improve your Word documents.

Instead of having images take up a lot of space and detract from the overall appearance, you can overlap them using our quick guide.