Watching videos on YouTube without restriction gives us the feeling of freedom as we can watch any contents that we prefer. The problem is, that to be able to watch restricted videos require us to log in to our account. If you want to know the way in watching restricted videos without login, please read the entire article to get the thing.

What is YouTube?

Youtube is a social media platform that focuses on video sharing. By using YouTube, we can watch videos we like, and also we can share videos on our channel with our subscribers. The video content types on YouTube also vary. Start from entertaining content, educational, news and etc.

Who develops YouTube?

YouTube is owned and developed by Google. The headquarter of YouTube is in San Bruno, California. This platform was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. It is owned by Google, the second most visited website, after Google Search. 

Why do we watch restricted YouTube videos without login?

Normally, if we want to watch restricted videos on YouTube, we must log in to our account first as the video will be available after we are logging in. However, it will not be a good idea if we must log in to our account when we use the shared computer. As the solution, we must watch the videos without logging in.

How to Watch Restricted YouTube Videos Without Login

Here are the steps of How to Watch Restricted YouTube Videos Without Login that you can read and follow.

Using Invidius YouTube Client

  1. Launch the browser on your laptop.
  2. Head to Invidius.
    Using Invidius YouTube Client
  3. Search for any video that you want to watch without any restriction.

Hack the YouTube URL

  1. From your browser, head to YouTube.
  2. Search then watch the restricted video.
  3. Change the URL from watch to embed.
    Hack the YouTube URL

    Hack the YouTube URL

Using NSFW YouTube or Listen on Repeat

  1. First, head to YouTube from your browser.
  2. Then, watch a restricted video.
  3. Then change the address to
    Using NSFW YouTube or Listen on Repeat

    Using NSFW YouTube or Listen on Repeat
  4. Or, change to
    Using NSFW YouTube or Listen on Repeat

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