How to Get Verified on Instagram—Instagram verification is a blue checkmark that verifies the authenticity of big-name brands, public figures, worldwide brands, or celebrities.

While these badges’ main purpose is to protect notable names from being impersonated, it also serves as a mark of status or prestige. It carries with it a strong brand authority and trustworthiness, which may boost better engagement.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that having your account verified on Instagram doesn’t automatically make it special in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm.

By the end of the day, verified accounts gain a higher rate of engagement because they’re posting relevant content that their audience can resonate with.

Plus, earning a blue checkmark on Instagram can be difficult, as Instagram is highly selective on who to verify. It doesn’t help that there is often little to no explanation as to what the exact criteria are.

According to Instagram, only big-name accounts with a high potential of being impersonated are eligible for the verified account badges. On top of that, you must also comply with the platform’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

And also make sure your account fulfill these basic eligibility criteria:

  • Authenticity – your account must be of a real person, a brand, or a registered business. Make sure it’s a public account too, as private ones aren’t eligible to be verified.
  • Uniqueness – each person or business can only have one account verified by Instagram, with accounts localized for specific languages being exceptions.
  • Completeness  the account must have a complete profile and post at least once.
  • Notability – is your account getting noticed by a lot of people? While it’s extremely vague and subjective, Instagram defines this criterion as “highly searched for” and “widely popular.”

If you think your account qualifies for these criteria or want to test your luck, you can try sending a verification request to Instagram by following these steps:

  1. On your Instagram app, visit your profile and tap the three stripes in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Request Verification.How to Get Verified on Instagram
  3. Fill the application form with the necessary information, from your legal name, your working alias (if applicable), your industry or category, and your official government-issued ID or a business document if you’re operating a business account. Once done, click Send.

After the Instagram team finishes reviewing your application, you’ll get a response in the notifications tab. Be mindful to not trust any other notifications sent via other means, be it email, phone call, or text messages—as it’s likely to be a scam. Instagram never asks for money in exchange for a verification badge, either.

The review process usually takes a few days to one week. You can expect a straightforward yes or no answer with no explanations elaborating Instagram’s decision. We wish you luck and thank you for reading this article.