It’s extremely inconvenient when your iPhone is unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network or cellular connection. There are numerous possible causes for this, and determining the exact cause can be difficult. The simplest and most common solution is to reset your network settings.

Let’s go over when you should reset your iPhone‘s network settings, what it does, and how to do it quickly.

What is Reset All Network Settings?

All Internet and networking-related data on the devices would be erased if the network settings were reset. In the process of resetting, information about VPN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and cellular may be erased. Fortunately, settings such as hotspot, wireless display, and AirDrop (on iOS) will remain unaffected.

Why Do I Need to Reset Network Settings?

Choosing Reset Network Settings is just one of many possible solutions for internet and connectivity bugs and glitches. Network settings reset is not required, but it may be useful if you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work.

To troubleshoot internet connectivity issues, you can reset your network settings on your iPhone. Resetting your iPhone’s network settings usually resolves the issue.

How to Reset All Network Settings on Your iPhone

This quick fix is simple to implement and can be completed in your iPhone settings with a few taps. Let’s go over how to reset your network settings to remove all existing Wi-Fi connections from your device:

  1. Go to Settings and then General.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. Choose Reset from the two options.
  4. A popup menu will appear, with various options depending on what you want to reset. From this list, you can reset all settings, network settings, keyboard settings, the Home Screen layout, or location settings. Select Reset Network Settings to reset your network settings.
  5. To complete the task, enter your iPhone’s passcode. When you enter your passcode, all of your network settings will be reset.
    How to Reset All Network Settings on Your iPhone

If you are experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi or data connection, you can reset your network settings to resolve the issue. This solution is usually effective and can be completed quickly. Simply go to your general settings, select reset network, and enter your passcode.