One of the most exciting, but at the same time quite difficult locations, is the Woods. There is one of the most difficult bosses called Shturman, who is accompanied by two guards in this location.

In total, each player in the game will have to kill this boss twice by completing various quests. You will have to make every effort to get to the boss and first kill his guards, which is quite difficult to do. That is why we decided to compile a guide for you to help you easily deal with Shturman and his two guards.

In Escape from Tarkov on the Woods location, you don’t have to look for the boss except at the sawmill, as he won’t spawn anywhere else. Most often, you can find him between the hangars, with this you should not have any difficulties.

This boss is fairly accurate, as well as obnoxious. Do not forget that he has a cover in the form of two guards who will protect him by all means.

The boss

The boss has increased health. However, his Achilles’ heel is that he has no armor. One of the easiest ways to kill him is to shoot him in the head.

He has a sniper rifle, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and armor-piercing rounds. Often, he may only need to land two shots to a player in the chest. Even if you have level 5 armor, it may not help you.

If Shturman notices you, it is best not to engage him in battle, as he can instantly kill you. Your best bet is to find a better spot from where you can aim at him. Once you have him in your sights, you only have a few seconds to make an accurate shot. Otherwise, if you hesitate, he will turn on you and destroy you without any delay. Even if he does not kill you, then, in any case, he will inflict serious damage on you, from which you will die.

After killing Shturman, you will find valuable loot. He has a sniper rifle and 20 rounds of ammunition for it, as well as a Kalashnikov assault rifle also with rounds. You can sell sniper rifle ammo for a high price at the flea market.

You’ll also be lucky if you find Shturman’s stash key. Thanks to it, you will be able to access the boss’s cache. It can be found on the sawmill. You can sell this cache at the flea market and earn a lot of in-game currency.

It is worth noting that this boss can attract the attention of other fighters that can get in your way. To attract other soldiers, he can fire shots in the air, as well as throw grenades.

If you have any difficulty in killing Shturman, then you can use the help at any time by going to, where fact completion is guaranteed to you. In addition, you can get rare loot and in-game currency.



Shturman’s guards do not have any distinctive external features. You may even confuse them with the military from private military companies. They have good equipment, increased health, as well as strong armor. In addition, they have several types of weapons. This weapon is for ranged as well as close combat. Unlike Shturman, his guards do not have armor-piercing rounds.

The guards are quite aggressive. If you catch their eye, they will immediately start attacking you. The boss will be behind them and cover them using his sniper rifle, and grenades will also fly at you.

Your best bet is not to shoot the guards at point-blank range, as it’s practically useless. They have a high level of health, and they also have protected armor. Instead, you should aim for the arms or legs.

You can also use the moment to kill the guards when they run from one place to another. They can see you, but since they are controlled by artificial intelligence, they first need to execute a command before they start shooting at you. In addition, when they run across, they rarely start shooting.

Killing the guards will give you access to their loot. You can find their weapons, armor, grenades, as well as medical supplies they use.

Additional tips

  • You will not be able to identify the boss or his guards by their voices, as their voices may sound similar to those of other military men;
  • If they notice you, then your chances of survival are almost zero. You can increase your chances of survival if you start shooting at them from a distance or your cover. You can hide in the thickets so that they do not notice you;
  • Not to draw attention to yourself, you should run less while holding the Shift key, as they will be able to hear your movements;
  • You can find out where the boss is if you hear the characteristic sound of shots from a sniper rifle. Usually, the boss uses a rifle without a silencer, which will give you a signal of his location. If Shturman shoots in the distance, then he shoots at the fighters of private military companies;
  • Often, other military men will start a firefight with the boss to take his loot. To do this, they are not afraid to go to the sawmill. However, you should not go there, as the chances of survival are low. In the forest, you can find tons of other hidden places where you will find valuable items.


Killing Shturman and his guard is a difficult task, but doable. You may need to start from the beginning several times before you understand the weak points of your opponents, as well as find great places to land damaging shots.