How to Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes — Having customized ringtone on our iPhone seems cool. Why? Because we will immediately recognize that the iPhone is being ringing is only yours. To set a ringtone, we can easily pick any track or song on iTunes. In some cases we don’t want to use iTunes but we still want to have customized ringtone. So, is it possible for us to make it possible? The answer is absolute yes.

Here are the steps of How to Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes:

  1. First, download iRingg on your Mac/MacBook or Windows computer.
  2. After that install it.
  3. Once the app is installed, launch it.
  4. While iRingg is being launched, you will be asked to connect your iPhone to the computer. At first, you can connect it using a cable such as a USB cable, but then you can connect it wirelessly through the Wi-Fi feature.
  5. After your iPhone is connected, browse the audio file on your computer to be processed using iRingg.
    How to Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes
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  6. After youupload the file, select and trim 30 seconds the audio that you want o set as a ringtone.
    How to Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes
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  7. Once you finish editing the audio, you can preview the song first before saving it.
  8. After you satisfy and like the result, click the Export button and select Push to iPhone to transfer the audio to your device.
    How to Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes
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  9. Once the audio is exported, please open the Settings menu.
  10. Now, tap the Sounds & Haptics.
  11. Choose Ringtone there.
  12. Then find and select the audio that you previously created using iRingg and set it as ringtone.

Please note that iRingg is not a free application. The free trial allows you to export one tone only.

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