How to Install Chrome Extension on Android SmartphoneExtensions are software programs, built on web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that enable users to customize the Chrome browsing experience. We can add any extensions to the browser on our laptop to get a better experience, but the problem is we can’t easily add or install chrome extensions to the Chrome browser on our Android smartphone. Even though we can’t do that, we are still able to install the Chrome extension using the Yandex browser. We just simply visit the web store of the Chrome browser, search the extensions and install it. For the detailed explanation, you can read it in the next section.

Here are the steps of How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Smartphone that you can follow:

  1. Take your Android smartphone, and launch the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Yandex Browser. Once you see the result download and install it.
    How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Smartphone
  3. Now, launch the Yandex Browser that you installed previously.
  4. Then, copy and paste on the address bar and hit the search button.
  5. After that, type the name of the Chrome Extension that you want to install on the search field. For example ‘Ad blocker’.
    How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Smartphone
  6. When the search results appear, tap the extension that you look for.
  7. Find the Add to Chrome button, and tap it.
    How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Smartphone
  8. On the confirmation pop-up, tap the ADD EXTENSION button.
  9. Finish. The extension is now installed on the Chrome browser of your Android smartphone.

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