Do you want to compress files so that they can be easily transferred between storage devices, when you want to upload them to an email, or when you just want to save valuable hard drive space when storing files?

It is possible that we will need to save space on our disk drives on a regular basis, for which we have several options. One of them is to make a series of compressed files containing files and folders that we will not need right away. We can use various programs for this, such as WinRAR.

Because of the many years, it has been with us, it is very likely that many of you are familiar with this application. When working with these elements, it is a powerful file compressor that can assist us in a variety of tasks. And it is important to remember that, for example, when sending or sharing a large number of files over the Internet, creating a tablet will be beneficial. The truth is that the functionalities and modes of use that these applications can provide are limitless.

Winrar enables us to use the compressor in a much more direct manner, saving us time and effort. In fact, we will be able to access some of its most commonly used functions directly from File Explorer. The function that we will discuss in these same lines serves as a clear example of all of this.

Compress and mail directly with WinRAR

WinRAR can be used to compress and mail files directly.
We’ve already mentioned that there are a variety of ways to make use of these compressed files. Sending certain content via email is a good example of all of this. As a result, the WinRAR compressor’s developers provide us with a function that performs both tasks directly. That is, we can generate a compressed file from various contents and send it via email.

This is something that can save us a lot of time, both professionally and personally. Furthermore, once the program has been installed on the system, we can do all of this directly from the context menu of Windows File Explorer.

How to Compress and Mail Your File Using Winrar

We only need to open the aforementioned Explorer and use the mouse to select all of the files or folders that we want to include in the compressed. Then, with the right mouse button, we click on the selection itself. If we look at the context menu that we currently have, we will notice an option that says Add and send by email. This is the one we’re interested in in this case, so we click to open the configuration window.

How to Compress and Mail Your File Using Winrar

At that point, the standard WinRAR window will appear, from which we can adjust the compression parameters or leave everything as is. We will be able to select the format, create a password, and specify the compression or content update method. Furthermore, in order to complete the previously mentioned shipment, we must have an account configured in the Outlook mail manager.

Just put your desired Winrar file in a new message or reply message. Then you can send Winrar files to your friends easily.

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