13 Best To-Do Apps for iPhone

With many things to do each day, you need to stay organized so everything you have planed can run properly. The problem is some things to do are often missed.

In order to solve this problem, you can create a list of things that you should do every day. This will help you to stay organized, especially when you work in a business that involves a lot of people in projects and tasks.

If you are an iPhone user, you can use a to-do app to get everything done. It is an app that can help you to manage your projects and plan your day.

Here are the 13 best to-do apps for iPhone:

Things 3

Things 3 1 1

It is an award-winning app that can help you to make real progress on your projects. Developed by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG, Things 3 is very easy to use with its awesome features and a delightful interface.

Things 3 is a paid app that costs $9.99. On App Store, this to-do app has been rated 4.8 stars by 19.6K users.

Key features:

– Add notes, tag notes, schedule notes

– Headings

– Create an area for Work, Finance, Family, and more

– Calendar events

– Widgets

– Reminders

– Repeaters


Any do 1 1

Developed by Any.DO, this to-do app is an awesome combo of a calendar, task list, reminders, and planner. Any.do can be used to help you schedule your agenda so you will not miss or forget a thing.

On App Store, Any.do has been rated 4.6 stars. It is a free app that also offers in-app purchases: $9.99 per month, $26.99 per six months, and $59.99 per year with 7 days trial (50% OFF).

Key features:

– Sync between tablet, web, desktop, and mobile

– Reminders

– Share lists and tasks to others to collaborate

– Widget

– Calendar outlook

– A real-time sync with google calender, outlook calender, facebook events, and more

Google Tasks

Google Tasks 1 1

A to-do app from Google, Google Tasks can be used to manage, capture, and edit your tasks that sync across all your devices easily. This app is also integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail to get your tasks done faster.

Google Tasks is a free app that has been rated 4.8 stars on App Store.

Key features:

– Create, edit, and manages task lists with important to-dos

– Manage tasks created in Calender or Gmail from mobile

– Add details and create subtasks

– View tasks created from emails

– Notifocations

– Part of Google Workspace


Habitica 1 1

Developed by HabitRPG, Inc, Habitica is an awesome productivity app that uses retro RPG elements to gamify your goals and tasks. You can use this app to help with creative projects, self-care, fitness goals, and much more in a fun way.

Habitica has been rated 4 stars on App Store. This free app offers in-app purchases as well: 1 Month Subscription at $4.99, 6 Months Subscription at $29.99, 12 Months Subscription at $47.99, and more.

Key features:

– Flexible habit tracker for tasks that will do multiple times

– Repeating tasks scheduled automatically

– Color-coded tasks and streak counters

– Traditional to-do list (tasks that only need to be done once)

– Leveling system

– Collectable pets and gear

– Avatar customizations

– Challenges

– Reminders

– Customizable color themes

– Sync across device


Tasks 1

It is a task manager to help take your productivity to the next level. Developed by Mustafa Yusuf, Tasks can be used to organize folders, projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. With high privacy, none of your data in this app ever leaves iCloud and your devices.

Tasks has been rated 4.7 stars on App Store. It is a free app that also has in-app purchases: Tasks Plus Lifetime at $39.99, Tasks Family Plus at $24.99, and more.

Key features:

– Create and save smart lists

– Tags to see what needs to be collected from the local grocery store or what phone calls need to be made

– Support for a powerful Kanban view

– Create and save smart lists

– Tag and date recommendations

– Endless customization

– iCloud sync support

– Keyboard and trackpad support

– Attachment support

– Quick notes, Time Sensitive notifications, and rich notifications


Todoist 1 1

Developed by Doist Inc, Todoist can be used to organize, plan and collaborate on projects. It is an awesome to-do app that can be integrated into your tools like Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa and more.

On App Store, Todoist has been rated 4.8 stars. This awesome app also has two in-app purchases: Todoist Pro – Monthly at ‚Äč$3.99 and Todoist Pro – Yearly at $35.99.

Key features:

– Reminders and due dates

– Capture and organize tasks

– Organize projects in Kanban style with Boards

– Collaborate with others on projects

– Priority levels

– Personalized productivity trends

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do 1 1

A product from Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft To Do is a perfect to-do app to create reminders, notes, and to-do lists. You also can sync your lists across devices and Microsoft 365 accounts to access your daily planner anywhere.

Microsoft To Do is a free app that has been rated 4.7 stars on App Store.

Key features:

– Daily planner (a personalized daily planner, access lists anywhere, share list, add notes to any task)

– Task manager (notifications, share lists, personalize lists, break tasks)

– To-do lists for task management, shopping lists, bill planner, and more

– Microsoft 365 Integration

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk 1 1

Designed as a smart to-do app for busy people, Remember The Milk is perfect to be used as a to-do app to create and share lists and tasks. It is an awesome easy app developed by a team from Remember The Milk.

On App Store, Remember The Milk has been rated 4.7 stars. This free app also has a pro version that costs $39.99 (Remember The Milk Pro).

Key features:

– Reminders

– Share tasks and lists

– Sync to all devices

– Smart Lists

– Integrates with Evernote, Twitter, Google Calendar, and Gmail


WorkFlowy 1 1

This easy-to-use to-do app can help you to plan to-do’s, capture notes, and get orgnized well. Developed by FunRoutine INC, WorkFlowy is simple but also powerful to help you manage your every day schedule.

WorkFlowy is a totally free app that has been rated 4.9 stars on App Store.

Key features:

– Works offlunes

– Document sharing and permissions

– Sync with desktop and web versions

– Kanban boards

– Tag and assign items

– Auto-backup to Dropbox

OmniFocus 3

OmniFocus 3 1 1

By using OmniFocus, you can manage your to do’s, projects, and tasks easily. Developed by The Omni Group, this to-do app is perfect for get everything done. It also has a free syncing system that can sure your data is the same on all iOS devices.

On App Store, OmniFocus has been rated 4 stars. This app is free to be downloaded and you can also choose its offered in-app purchases: Monthly OmniFocus Subscription at $9.99 or Yearly OmniFocus Subscription at $99.99.

Key features:

– Tags for location, priority, person, and more

– Flexible inspectors

– Forecast view

– Batch view

– Syncing supports end-to-end encryption

– Siri support

– Attachments

– The Today Widget and the Apple Watch app


TickTick 1 1

Developed by Appest Limited, TickTick can help you to schedule an agenda, share shopping lists, make memos, and also collaborate in a team. It is a powerful to-do & task management app to get your stuff done.

TickTick has been rated 4.8 stars on App Store. This free app has some in-app purchases that you can choose to unlock premium features: Monthly TickTick Premium at $2.99 and Annual TickTick Premium at $27.99.

Key features:

– Flexible calendar views

– Multiple reminders

– Sync tasks across all devices

– Share task lists for collaboration

– Integrate with calender application

– Classify tasks with tags


Lighthouse io 1

This free app is developed by an awesome team from Lighthouse.io, offering a mobile first workforce management platform to interact with, locate, and optimize workers and assets at facilities such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and more.

On App Store, Lighthouse.io has been rated 4.4 stars. It is a free app that you can download easily to your iPhone.

Key features:

– Messaging

– Location tracking

– Auditing

– Activity feed

– Task management

– Alerts

– Issue management


TeuxDeux 1

Developed by TeuxDeux, LLC, TeuxDeux offers a simple way to organize your schedule and tasks. This awesome to-do app is also easy to sync to all your devices so you will not loose your data.

TeuxDeux has been rated 4 stars on App Store and it is a totally free app that can be downloaded to your iPhone.

Key features:

– A single, streamlined view of your day

– Custom colors and a beautiful, clean design

– Intuitive ‘Swipe to Tomorrow’ gesture

– Simple drag and drop for tasks

– Automatic task rollover

– Markdown and emoji support

– Clean and simple interface

The best thing of using one of the best to-do apps for iPhone above is you can sync your data, tasks, projects on the app to all your iPhone devices. You can also collaborate with others by sharing your tasks and projects.

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