How to Check if Someone had Blocked You on WhatsApp — Have you ever contacted someone via WhatsApp but there’s no response from him for a long time and end up desperate for him? If you have, that person might already block your WhatsApp number. To ensure that you are being blocked by someone on WhatsApp, I will let you know the indicators:

How to Check if Someone had Blocked You on WhatsApp
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Here are How to Check if Someone had Blocked You on WhatsApp for you to follow:

  1. Check their last seen
    Go to the contact and enter the chat room. If you are blocked, you will not be able to see the last seen online status.
  2. Check their profile picture
    It is possible for someone to delete his profile picture so that you see the contact without a profile picture. But if the person is not putting a profile picture for a long time it can be a sign that you are being blocked by him.
  3. Check the blue tick on the message
    The blue ticks on the message that we sent mean that person is already read our message. Besides that, someone can disable their blue tick on WhatsApp, but in the case that someone is blocking your contact, the check sign is only one and it never becomes double.
  4. Try to do WhatsApp Call
    Please do call that person. If you are connected of course your contact is not blocked by that person, but if the call you did is not connected to the contact it can be said that you are blocked. Or, if you are not sure, please ask your friend to call the person to make sure whether you are blocked or not. When your friend is able to call the person it means you are blocked by him.
  5. Try a group test
    Now, try to create a group with some of your friends that are also the friends of that person too. After that, add that person to the group. If you get a message that says you don’t have the authorization to add him, it means you are being blocked by him.
  6. Their name changes to Account Deleted
    If you are getting confused about whether the contact is deleted their account or not, try to open their contact, enter the chat room. After that, tap the empty profile picture. If you still see the chat and voice call options, it means that you are blocked by this person.

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