Nowadays, we all carry a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, with us for the convenience of our daily lives. All of these smartphones are expensive, and we keep our important information and documents on them. Losing such phones for any reason (including falling down somewhere or being stolen by a thief) creates mental tension and headaches. When we lose our smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.), we lose more than just our phone; we also lose important information, contacts, and documents.

If you own an iPhone, you may be familiar with Find My iPhone, a popular iOS app that allows you to easily locate and track your iPhone from other Apple products. There are plenty of other apps and software that can be used to distinguish one iPhone from another. However, if your family or friends do not have an iPhone, the tracking task becomes annoying. In this case, you could try an alternative method to track an iPhone from an Android phone.

This article will go over some methods for tracking an iPhone from an Android phone.

Tracking an iPhone Using an Android Browser

Find My iPhone is an excellent tool for tracking down a missing iOS device. It is advantageous to have another Apple device, but if you do not have an iOS or Mac computer, use an Android device. Before you can find an iPhone on an Android, you must first enable the necessary settings. Follow these steps to track down a missing iPhone using any Android browser app.

  1. Open a browser on your Android phone.
    Note: Run the browser in incognito mode on a device that isn't yours. This way, no personal information about you is saved.
  2. Log in to with your Apple ID.
  3. Select Find iPhone from the menu.
  4. Select the device you want to locate.How to Find Lost iPhone Using Android Phone
  5. To locate or control the missing device, choose one of three options:
    Play Sound to locate the device using an audible signal.
    To prevent intruders from hacking the device, enable Lost Mode.
    Erase iPhone/iPad to remotely erase the device’s data.How to Find Lost iPhone Using Android Phone
  6. If the browser is in incognito mode, log out of all accounts and close the incognito browser when you finish.
How to Use Google Maps (Google Maps Timeline) to Track an iPhone’s Location

Google Maps Timeline is a piece of software that estimates where you may have been. It also displays some of the routes you may have taken in the past based on your location history. Of course, this is all private – no one will be able to see your history; it is not for anyone else to enjoy.

It is possible to use Google Maps to track your iPhone, but success is not guaranteed. Before the iPhone goes missing, a specific setting must be enabled.

Google Maps must be installed on the iPhone and location access must be enabled for this method to work. Select your profile image at the top of the Google Maps app, then Settings. Check that your location tracking is enabled in both the Location Services and Location History settings screens after selecting Personal content.

Follow these steps to do it.

  1. Open a web browser on the Android device with Google Maps location access enabled and log into your Timeline.
  2. Choose the date your phone went missing and go over your travel routes and destinations.
  3. If you took photos on that date, the images appear in the timeline and show where you were when you last used the device.
How to Use a GPS Tracking App to Locate an iPhone

A GPS tracking app can also help you find a lost or stolen iPhone. The app, however, must be installed before the phone goes missing.

Use a GPS tracking app that is compatible with both iOS and Android, such as Life 360, to be safe. Install the same app on a friend’s Android device and use the app on your phone to locate your phone if it goes missing. To track your phone, log into your Life360 account from an incognito browser on an Android device. Other tracking apps function in a similar manner.