How to Free Disk Space Automatically Using Storage Sense In Windows 10 – Have you ever experience your disk was full even you rarely install any apps in your Windows 10. Windows 10 can’t work efficiently if the storage is at low free space, but windows 10 typically hoard the file trash and it will fulfill the disk space. Using OneDrive and storage sense in Windows 10 may help you manage disk space.

Files On-Demand allows you to view your OneDrive files without taking up valuable hard drive space. Of course, it makes your storage much more efficient, even if you don’t save files in cloud storage on your PC, you can still access them as common files. However, if you use OneDrive to view and edit a lot of files, those files might take up a lot of space.

Windows Storage Sense is a silent assistant that works with OneDrive to free up space by making files that are no longer in use locally available online-only again. Online-only files are safe and discoverable on your device in OneDrive and you can use them like any other file once you’re connected to the Internet.

Turn on Storage Sense

  1. Click on the search menu and type Storage Settings.
  2. Select the toggle On to activate Storage Sense.

When your device runs on low space, you can set any files which never been used in 30 days to online-only. Storage Sense will manage to online-only mode until there is enough free space for Windows to work smoothly, allowing you to retain your data as local as possible.

Set the Storage Sense Runs Cycle.

  1. Click Configure Storage Sense or run it now, on the Storage tab.
  2. Select on the drop-down menu which cycle you want Storage Sense to run.

To increase the result, remove temporary files on Windows 10 is a big help to relieve the storage from low disk space. Use these steps to remove temporary files on your Windows 10:

  1. Click on the search menu and type Storage Settings.
  2. Under the “Local Disk” section, click the Temporary files option.
  1. Select the temporary files you want to remove.
  2. Click the Remove files button.
After you complete the steps, temporary files will be removed from your computer, freeing up space to make it run smoothly.
Good luck.