Save disk space by activating files on-demand in OneDrive – Did you found your storage at low space and do you need more storage to save your important file without worrying your computer on low disk anymore? You may ever hear about OneDrive when you talking about cloud services provided by any company. OneDrive is a feature that Microsoft provides to utility your work and personal life, all in one place without worrying about the disk space.

With Files on Demand, you’ll get to all your files in the cloud without having to download them and utilize storage space on your device. You don’t need to change the way you work, since all your files, even online files still are seen in File Explorer and work perfectly like other files.

Files on Demand allows you to open online files similar to other files from your device. Simply select the online file you want to open in the file picker, and the file will automatically open on your device. Furthermore, online files don’t take up space from your device. Turn on File on Demand will help a lot to minimize the use of storage in the device.

Turn on Files On-Demand

Files On-Demand works with all the apps you utilize nowadays, as well as Windows desktop apps and apps from the Windows Store. Moreover, Files On-Demand works with all your individual and works files from OneDrive, SharePoint in Microsoft 365, and SharePoint Server 2019 group locales.

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to OneDrive.
  2. Select the blue or white OneDrive cloud icon in the taskbar notification area.Save Disk Space by Activating Files On-Demand in OneDrive
  1. (You might need to click on the arrow icon if the icon doesn’t show in the notification area when OneDrive not running. Type OneDrive in the search box, and then select OneDrive in the search results.)
Save Disk Space by Activating Files On Demand in OneDrive
  1. Select  Help & Settings > Settings.
Save Disk Space by Activating Files On Demand in OneDrive 2
  1. On the Settings tab, select the Save space and download files as you use the box.Save Disk Space by Activating Files On Demand in OneDrive 3

For Your Information: You can get free storage of 5GB when you register OneDrive, however, you can increase the storage from the offers.

Files On-Demand will give you several conveniences

  • Save space when you make files online only
  • Access files and folders on your device locally at anytime
  • Identify crucial information of files, just like whether they are shared or not
  • Detect thumbnails of over 300 different file types without installing any application

On the other hand File on Demand also have inexpedience

  • Open file online only need for a device connected to the internet
  • Download files with huge sizes will take time

In the end, Files On-Demand greatly helps users to manage storage well. Allows them to avoid the use of internal storage. Although, File on Demand has lacked to be operating with. Files on Demand is the best solution to save space better than other cloud services provided.