Screen recording has become a popular feature in recent years because it goes beyond the capabilities of the traditional screenshot. For a variety of reasons, the screen record function is ideal. It can be used for training, capturing moments, and capturing videos that cannot be downloaded.

Luckily, Apple included the feature in iOS 11, and most iPhone users now have screen-recording as a native feature on their phones. Recording your iPhone screen can be extremely useful, whether you want to record a portion of an Instagram live stream, save a clip of the game you’re playing, or create a how-to video for your friends. You can send the video clip you record to a family member or friend, upload it to Twitter, or share it on your Instagram story. Here’s how to record your iPhone’s screen, whether you have a newer or older model.

How to Record Your iPhone’s Screen

Perhaps you’ve looked through your phone’s settings and searched for the option to record your screen but have come up empty-handed. This is due to the fact that the screen recording feature is hidden in the control center. To use the function, you must first add the Screen Recording to your control panel.

By default, these allow you to toggle Airplane mode on and off, disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (although this only drops connections for nearby devices and does not completely disable them), control music playback, adjust the volume and brightness, and open specific tools such as a torch, timer, calculator, and camera.

  1. To Customize the appearance of these panels, go to the Settings app and then Control Center.
  2. Navigate to Customize Controls. This menu displays which controls are currently available.How to Record the Screen on iPhone
  3. To get rid of one of these controls, tap the red symbol to the left of its name and then tap the word Remove on the right.How to Record the Screen on iPhone
  4. Tap the green button to the left of Screen Recording in More Controls, and it will present in the Include list.
  5. You can rearrange this list by dragging and dropping the three lines to the right of each name to the desired place.How to Record the Screen on iPhone
Let’s Record Your iPhone’s Screen

Let’s begin screen recording now that the Screen Recording option has been added to the Control Center.

  1. You can reach the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom (iPhone 8 or earlier) or down in the top right-hand corner (iPhone X or later), depending on the iPhone model you’re using.
  2. When you swipe the display after customizing the Control Center, a circular pattern icon will appear. The Screen Record icon is shown here.
  3. Tap the Screen Recording icon, then your entire screen is now being recorded.How to Record the Screen on iPhone
  4. A red bar will appear along the top of the display while you are recording your screen to indicate that it is still recording.
  5. Once you’ve finished recording your screen, press this red bar to bring up a pop-up where you can either cancel to continue recording or stop to end the recording.
  6. The screen record will be saved in your Camera Roll automatically.How to Record the Screen on iPhone

To see how your recording turned out, simply open your photos and videos app, as the file will be saved in the gallery as any other video file.

There are a lot of apps that will allow you to trim your screen recording file if you want to remove the sections where you navigate through your phone at the beginning and end of the recording.

Then your file is ready to be shared with others or saved so you can recall an important event later in the day or at a later date.