How to Detect Pegasus Spyware on iPhone — The known malicious utility (spyware) that is called Pegasus is created by the Israeli company NSO Group for law enforcement agencies and intelligence services. It is widely used to secretly spy on mobile phone users in various countries. This spyware is very dangerous. This spyware allows the hackers to take absolutely full control over the smartphone, such as read the correspondence secretly, wiretapping the phone calls, viewing photos and videos, and so on. The popular antiviruses can’t detect this Pegasus existence because this spyware exploits the zero-day vulnerability which is unknown by the operating system developer and antiviruses apps.


How to Detect Pegasus Spyware on iPhone

So, How to Detect Pegasus Spyware on iPhone? Well, the mainstream way to detect this spyware is doing a forensic examination of its presence. But recently, iMazing, the iPhone manager is announcing that they just had implemented a technology that can detect the Pegasus Spyware within the Software. Also, Amnesty International, the human rights organization recently develops a Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT), that is able to detect the presence of Pegasus Spyware on iPhone. Not only on iPhone but these Pegasus Spyware are also working on iPad and also Android devices.

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