How to Recover a Hacked WhatsApp Account—Keeping your credentials and your verification code private is one of the things you can do to protect your account. However, if you somehow have been tricked into doing so and lose access to your WhatsApp profile, you can salvage the situation with the tips below. Before we went into the tutorial though, you probably should notify your friends and family as soon as possible, as the thief might impersonate you.

  1. Sign in to WhatsApp using your phone number and verify it by entering the code sent to you via SMS.
  2. After you entered the verification number, the impersonator would automatically be logged out of your account.
  3. You might also need to input a two-step verification code. If yours no longer work, chances are, the account thief had changed it. Regardless, the impersonator will be logged out of your account once you verified your phone number using the 6-digit SMS code. However, you need to wait for a week to log back in without the two-factor verification number (if you enabled it).

We hope this guide was helpful. Best of luck and stay safe.