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How to Use TeamViewer on Android

It is common when someone to ask his friend when he doesn’t know how to fix or set something in their device. However, there will be a problem if that person gets confused in executing the command of what his friend’s said. As the solution, both of them must use TeamViewer. So, the one helping can access the device directly from a different place.

When you want to control someone’s device from a different place, and the only device you bring is your Android smartphone, installing TeamViewer on your smartphone will help a lot. Once the app is installed, you can directly control the device you have access to from your place.

Here are the steps on How to Use TeamViewer on Android that you can read and follow.

  1. First, install TeamViewer on your Android smartphone.
  2. Once it is installed, launch it.
    How to Use TeamViewer on Android
  3. Fill in the Partner’s ID.
  4. Then, tap the Remote Control button.
    How to Use TeamViewer on Android
  5. After that, fill in the password.
    How to Use TeamViewer on Android
  6. Now, tap OK.
  7. Wait a moment until you see another device screen on your smartphone.

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