USB storage devices are one of the most innovative technological inventions in recent years. Nowadays, you can carry around a flash drive or memory card with hundreds of gigabytes of storage capacity in your pocket. Unfortunately, the proliferation of portable USB drives has led to the spread of malicious files from computer to computer.

That’s where USB WriteProtector emerges: this lightweight but the useful solution is designed to safeguard important data stored on removable drives. Because the application’s purpose necessitates portability, you can simply copy it to a removable drive and use it from there, without fear of affecting the PC registry in any way.

As its sole purpose is to prevent unauthorized write access to USB hard drives or sticks, USB WriteProtector has a very simple user interface that includes only a language drop-down menu, two check buttons, and a closing option. With a single click, you can thus write protect the contents of your USB device.

USB WriteProtector, designed with simplicity in mind, allows you to enable or disable write protection for all USB devices in the running system.

How to Use USB WriteProtector
  1. Download USB WriteProtector on your Windows device.
  2. After the download process is done, go to the directory folder where USB WriteProtector to run it.
  3. To enable USB write protection, simply check the ‘ON’ box. The changes are only applied to newly attached USB drives; previously attached USB drives remain writable. Once enabled, data writing on the drive is not permitted, keeping your USB safe from unauthorized writing activity.
  4. If you want to revert the process, simply check the ‘OFF’ button. This disables write protection for newly devices connected, letting you modify the file contents.How to Prevent Writing on USB Drive Using USB WriteProtector

Now you understand that keeps your USB storage is extremely important. Using USB WriteProtector truly simple way to protect both your PC and USB storage with one click only. Don’t forget to protect your data on PC and USB storage by applying this method.