Canva is one of the famous graphic design applications. This application is perfect to create various creative designs online. You can use it to create a greeting card, brochure, poster, presentation, and also infographic. Canva is available in some versions such as Android, iPhone, and web.

Organizing social media these days is not only about sharing your thoughts via words or uploading your daily life activities via images. Creating a beautiful and creative design to share on your social media accounts will increase your personal value that can attract people’s attention.

These days, the people’s needs in creating an awesome design without using complex applications or software increase. It is necessary to have an application or software that can be used easily anytime and anywhere, including in creating a presentation too.

If you want to try other applications, there are a lot of best Canva alternatives that can be used to create beautiful designs. These applications offer amazing easy features and are also available on many platforms as well.

Here are the 15 best Canva alternatives to create beautiful designs:


Pixelied 1

Launched by Dawood Khan, Pixelied offers a graphics solution for content creators, digital marketers, and bloggers. Trusted by the best brands in the world, this application has a lot of image editing tools that are easy to use. It is a web-based application with ready-made templates to choose from.

There are two pricing packages: Free and Lifetime. There are no extra fees, upsells, or subscriptions to use this app. The Free option will give you standard features to create your first design with ease and speed while the Lifetime option will charge you $97 per month with no monthly fees (pay once).

Key features:

– Ready-made templates

– Background remover

– Stock images

– Premium icons

– Illustrations

– Mockups

– Advanced editor

– Vector upload

– Workspaces


BeFunky 1

It is an all-in-one online creative platform developed by BeFunky Inc. BeFuncky offers innovative digital media tools for everyone to easily create graphic designs, photo collages, and edit photos. This web-based application is also available in App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users.

Offering one low price for all features, BeFunky has two pricing packages: Free and BeFunky Plus. The Free option offers standard features to create easy designs while BeFunky Plus will charge you $4.99 or $8.99 for upgrading.

Key features:

– Batch edit photos

– Turn photos into art

– Resize and crop photos

– One-Click Collage Maker

– Retouch Portraits

– Background remover

– Thousands of vector graphics and icons

– A million free stock images

– Customizable design templates


Visme 1

Visme is not a tool but the whole workshop to create an awesome design. Developed by Easy WebContent, Inc, this application has a lot of features to help you to create, manage and design anything easily in one place. Visme is available to download for desktop (Mac and Windows).

Visme offers free different pricing based on your need: Free, Standard with $15 per month (billed yearly), Business with $29 per month (billed yearly), and Enterprise with a custom price for your business.

Key features:

– 10,000 vector icons

– 1,000,000 high-quality stock photos

– Easily translate statistics and figures into beautiful visuals

– Free online flowchart maker

– Easy-to-use interactivity and animation features

– Native integrations

– Collaborate with your team


Piktochart 1

You can improve your external and internal communication through an awesome visual story using Piktochart. Developed by an awesome team from Piktochart, this web-based application can help you to create high-quality infographics, presentations, reports, and also eye-catching posters.

There are three packages available for you in Piktochart. The Free package offer for starters with unlimited templates. Pro package is for teams and professionals with $14 per user and per month. For companies, there is an Enterprise package with a custom price based on the needs.

Key features:

– A template designed by experts

– Easy to use a custom color palette and uploaded fonts in the editor

– Free library of templates, graphics, and designs components

– Robust charts and maps

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark 1

Using Adobe Spark, you can create awesome animations, videos, flyers, collages, and graphics in just a few taps. Developed by Adobe Systems, this application is perfect for individuals, teams, everyday entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, and teachers on mobile and the web. Adobe Spark is also available for iOS and Android

Adobe Spark offers three packages. The first is Starter Plan which is free. The second package is Individual which is free for the first 30 days and the fee for the next month is $9.99 per month. The last package is Team with $19.99 per month.

Key features:

– Thousands of free images and icons

– Easily tag-team edit

– Exclusive premium templates

– Removing watermark from all your projects

– Personalize any project with your own logo, fonts, and colors


PicMonkey 1

This amazing application can help you to create scroll-stopping images for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. PicMonkey is developed by an awesome team from PicMonkey, offering image editing tools that are easy to use by designers and non-designers. This application is available for Android and iPhone users.

Offering a 7-day free trial, PicMonkey has three packages. The Basic is billed monthly at $7.99 with powerful photo editing and design tools, Pro at $12.99 monthly with unlimited storage for businesses, and Business at $23.00 monthly per user with collaboration tools.

Key features:

– Super artsy effects

– Easy-to-use tools

– An artist-crafted template for thumbnails, banners, and logos

– 9,000+ graphics & textures

– 100s of gorgeous fonts

– 1000s of templates


Stencil 1

Developed by a small team from Stencil, Stencil offers an easy-to-use graphic design tool for social media marketers, business owners, and bloggers. With this application, you can create beautiful social media graphics faster and easier. It is a web-based application that is also available for WordPress.

Stencil has super simple pricing for you. The Free package is free pricing for the hobbyist with standard features. The Pro is $9 per month for an image master. The last is Unlimited at $12 per month to help you to create all the images you want.

Key features:

– 5,000,000 stunning royalty-free photos

– Instant resizing

– Live previews (create, preview, and share in seconds)

– Create schedule and images in seconds with Buffer

– 3,100,000+ icons

– 1,350+ Templates

– 100,000+ Quotes

– Facebook Ad Grid

– Image filters

– Social sharing


Desygner 1

Comes as a graphic design tool for non-designers, Desygner is perfect for you to create design content easily cush as flyers, business cards, presentations, ads, social media posts, and more. Developed by Desygner Pty Ltd, this application is available for iOS, Mac, PC, and Android.

Desygner offers four packages which are billed yearly. Standard features are available in the Free package which is free forever. Pro+ is $4.95 per month and includes 6 users. Business is $9.95 per month per user. Enterprise offers a customized price based on your need.

Key features:

– Thousands of free templates

– 300+ design formats

– Millions of free images & icons

– One-click design resize

– 10 Billion+ Google images (Pro+)

– 147 million Shutterstock images (Bussines)

– Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations (Enterprise)


FotoJet 1

Using this application, you can turn your ideas into amazing artwork. FotoJet is developed by PearlMountain to meet all your needs for editing photos, creating photo collages, and making quality graphic designs. This application is available for Windows and Mac.

The billed annually of FotoJet is $3.33 per month with a free trial while the billed monthly is $6.99 per month with a free trial as well. The free trial lets you use some basic features of editing tools, effects, fonts, and more.

Key features:

– Professional templates and function-focused resources

– Powerful design and editing tools

– Easy to use (a few clicks)

– No download or registration is required

– 800+ stunning collage layouts and templates


Snappa 1

You can create awesome graphics in a snap online by using Snappa. Developed by Nosco Media Inc, this application can be used to create graphics for blogs, ads, social media, and more. Snappa is available for Windows PC.

Snappa offers simple and straightforward pricing with three different packages. The first package is Starter, a free package for one user. The second is PRO with a billed yearly at $10 per month. The last is TEAM with a billed yearly at $20 per month.

Key features:

– Photo editor

– Image rotator

– Image resizer

– Image flipper

– Image cropper

– Image blur

– Background remover

– Add text to photo feature


Crello 1

Developed by Crello Ltd, Crello offers a free graphic design tool to help you create awesome content in minutes. This application has thousands of professional templates to choose from for your social media. Crello is available on App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

The first pricing plan from Crello is Starter, a free package with five designs available to download every month. The second is Pro at $7.99 per month with a free trial, offering thousands of Full HD video clips and animations.

Key features:

– Photo editing (remove background, add frames to photo, photo filters, transparency, and layers, and so on)

– Design objects (Stickers, Icons, Labels, Badges, Shapes)

– Animation (resize video, animated logos, apply animated effects, trim video)

– Audio (add music to images, add audio to videos)


Easil 1

It is the drag-and-drop design tool to help you to create awesome visual content. Easil is a free web-based application developed by a great team from Easil, offering a new experience in designing content in an easy way.

Three pricing packages offered by Easil are Easil Basic, Easil Plus, and Easil Edge. Easil Basic is free with standard features to help you start. The monthly fee for Easil Plus is $7.50 while the yearly fee is $6.25 per month. Easil Edge is at $59 per month and $49 per month for a yearly fee.

Key features:

– 1000s of pre-designed templates

– Drag and drop editing tools

– Text Effects Tools

– Text Mask Tool

– GIF Maker

– Free fonts

– Magical color palette generator


DesignWizard 1

This awesome application can help you to create impressive videos and image designs in minutes. DesignWizard is developed by an awesome team from Design Wizard, offering easy tools to allow you to resize your designs magically. It is a free web-based application with thousands of pre-made templates.

Using DesignWizard, you can start a free trial then choose one of three pricing packages. The first package is Basic which is free with standard features. The second is Pro, $9.99 per month with all basic features+. The third is Business at $49.99 per month with all pro features+.

Key features:

– One million premium images

– Thousands of high-quality videos

– Awesome illustrations and graphics

– Thousands of pre-made templates

– Premium Videos, and Fonts

– Download and share designs


RelayThat 1

It is a design automation app that can help you to create consistent, high-performing images. Allowing you to upload multiple images in the digital workspace, you can use RelayThat to create brand designs easily using customizable templates too. It is a web-based application that offers a brand management solution.

RelayThat is a paid app with three different pricing plans: Pro at $15 per month per user, PRO plus at $25 per month includes two users, and Enterprise with a custom price based on your needs.

Key feature:

– 2000+ SmartLayouts

– Headline Generator

– Image SEO Automation

– Custom Font Uploads

– 3 Million+ Images

– Team Sharing

– Projects (Workspaces)

– Image Downloads


Venngage 1

This application is an infographic design solution for everyone. Venngage is developed by Venngage Inc, a free web-based application for better communication and there is no design experience required.

There are four price plans offered by Venngage: Free with no payment, Premium at $19 per month per user, Business at $49 per month per user, and Enterprise at $499 per month for 10+ seats.

Key features:

– 7,500+ professional templates

– Powerful editor

– Download and share

– Free 40,000+ diverse icons and illustrations

The best Canva alternatives to create beautiful designs mentioned above are easy to use for a beginner. Besides helping you to design awesome visual content, you can also collaborate with others easily and sharing your content. These apps help you to have better communication with your team as well.