How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery

Music becomes the essential part in our life. It helps us to get more spirit when we through the day. Nowdays, when we want to listen to music we don’t need to download the song files manually as music streaming service is already exsist.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service. We can stream any song we love and we want to play via the website, desktop app, Android, and also iOS. Recently, Spotify is the most used music streaming service in the world. The users vary, starting from kids, teenagers, and also adults.

Who develops Spotify?

Spotify is developed by Spotify AB. Spotify AB is not only focused on developing Spotify as there are some products besides Spotify that already exist. Those are Anchor, Spotify for Artists, Soundtrap Studio, Spotify Kids, and Spotify Live.

Why does Spotify drain iPhone battery?

Some of us always have said that their iPhone battery is drained faster when they use Spotify. However, the rootcause of the battery drain is not always from the Spotify app itself. It can be from the iOS version of their iPhone.

How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery

Here are the ways How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery that you can read and follow.

  1. Disable Background App Refresh for Spotify
    First, open the iPhone Settings > scroll down to tap General > tap Background App Refresh > again, tap Background App Refresh > check the Off option.
    How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery 3
  2. Force Kill Spotify and Hard Rest iPhone
    Here are some way that you can do to kill Spotify app in some iPhone types.
    iPhone with FaceID: Open recently used app by swiping up the home bar. Then, swipe up the Spotify app.
    iPhone with TouchID: Double press the home button, swipe up the Spotify app.
    iPhone 8 and later: Press and release volume up button. Then press and release volume down button. Next, hold on the power button until you see the Aplle logo on the screen.
  3. Declutter Spotify by Deleting Cache
    Deleting cache in Spotify helps the app the run smoother. I recommend you to fix the battery drain by trying this way if your iPhone has iOS 14.8 to iOS 15. To do this, please go to settings on your Spotify > scroll down and tap Storage option > tap Clear cacahe button > tap Clear cache in the confirmation pop-up.
    How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery 2
  4. Update Spotify App on Your iPhone
    Launch the App Store, and search for Spotify. After you see the result, tap it. There you will see an Update button. Tap the button and wait for a moment until the download and installation for updated app processes are done.
  5. Delete and Reinstall Spotify
    First, find the Spotify app on your iPhone. Then, tap and hold the app until you see a list of options appears. Next, tap the Remove App. Last, confirm that you sure to remove the app.
    How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery 1
    To reinstall the app, you can launch the App Store, search for Spotify and download it.
  6. Update iPhone Software
    iPhone with older iOS versions can cause the battery drain when we use Spotify. So, it is better to update the iOS to prevent battery drain and better iOS performance. The steps are to launch the Settings app > scroll down and select General > tap the Software Update > download the update.
    How to Make Spotify Not Draining Your iPhone Battery

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