Instagram has introduced an in-app QR Code feature, which allows users to generate well-known machine-readable codes. These matrix barcodes can be scanned using any third-party camera app. They save the account holder’s URL, allowing for quick redirects to a profile page.

Instagram QR Codes can be used effectively by both offline and online businesses to direct customers and visitors to their Instagram page and convert them into followers.

The new QR Code option takes the place of the previous ‘Nametag’ feature, which worked in a similar manner. However, the Nametags could only be scanned within the Instagram app, whereas the new QR Codes can be scanned with any third-party camera app, as detailed below.

How to Create an Instagram QR Code

Before we begin, update to the most recent version of Instagram for iOS or Android to ensure that the QR Code feature is available for your account.

Step 1- Open the Instagram app and make sure the Profile screen is chosen. It can be found in the bottom-right corner.
Step 2- Tap on the Menu icon, which is represented by three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.
Step 3- When you click the ‘QR Code’ label, a code with your account’s URL will appear on the screen. To confirm the account that you’re browsing, the name of your account is also displayed at the bottom of the QR code frame.

How to Create and Customize Instagram QR Code

You can tap the Share icon (top-right corner) to send your Instagram QR Code via text message, email, or publish it on your other social media accounts.

How To Customize Instagram QR Code

There are several options to customize the Instagram QR code as follows:

Change QR Code Color
To change the theme color, tap the screen above or below the QR Code. The default color scheme is Instagram’s default purple, pink, and orange. Tap once to activate a red-colored theme. Tap once more for violet and blue (Revolut-like). Following that are various shades of blue, and finally, a green-turquoise theme.

Emoji QR Code
If you don’t like the plain color theme for your QR Code, you can change it to an emoji background.
How to Do It: Tap on ‘Color,’ which is located at the top of the screen, to switch to Emoji.

Tip: You can change the emoji matrix by tapping anywhere on the screen that is not within the QR Code frame. Choose the desired emoji. If you have iOS 14 or later, you can also use the new search option to find your favorite emoji.

Selfie QR Code Feature
When you want to edit your Instagram QR Code, you have a third option. This is the Selfie mode. Tap on ‘Emoji’ in the top-middle area of the screen to select it. Place your face in the frame and press the shutter button. The end result is that your face is multiplied on the QR Code matrix. A pair of turquoise glasses are automatically added to your selfie.

Tip: Tap the screen anywhere outside of the QR Code frame to change the glasses with a mustache, unicorn, other glasses, and red hearts.

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