How to Add Song’s Lyric to Reels—Did you know that Instagram has a similar feature to TikTok called Reels? As you can probably expect, it’s a medium that lets you create short videos accompanied by music. On Reels, you can even add lyrics to clips without having to manually enter them via the text tool. All you need to do are:

How to Add Song’s Lyric to Reels

  1. Go to Instagram, open Stories, and hold the record button to record a video.
  2. From there, choose Stickers (the square smiley icon on the top menu), and enter Music on the search bar.
  3. This should lead you to the music selection page and from there, simply pick the song you want.
  4. It will automatically annotate the lyrics for you. Toggle and adjust the font as well as the part you want to include. Tap Done
    how to add lyrics to reels 1
  5. Now, Save the video using the down arrow icon on the top menu. This will save the video without music.
  6. Don’t leave the Story creation window just yet. From there, simply swipe the toggle from Story to Reels and upload the video you saved earlier by tapping on the small gallery window in the low left corner. Tap Add after selecting the clip.
  7. After you finish uploading, tap Music (the note icon) from the sidebar, and find the same song which lyrics you’ve put in earlier. Make sure the timing matches and tap Done once finished.
  8. Hit Preview > Next and simply tap Next again.
    how to add lyrics to reels 2

Voila! Your song cover Reels is complete with lyric subtitles following the song. Not too difficult, right? Let us know if you faced any difficulties in following this tutorial!