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How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android

Having our Android smartphone connected to Wi-Fi allows us to access the Internet faster than using a mobile network. However, some people have experienced Wi-Fi authentication errors on their Android. To know some ways in fixing the errors you can read this article entirely.

There are some reasons that make the process of Wi-Fi authentication errors on Android. Some of those are poor network connections, the Wi-Fi router not working, the Wi-Fi network doesn’t support your device, and wrong settings on your device. Then to solve the error on our Android smartphone we need to identify what is the root cause of it.

Here are some ways that we can try on How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android:

  1. Turn on airplane mode and then turn it off. By doing this we can reboot the Wi-Fi radio on our Android so it will work normally again.
    How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android
  2. Restart your Android smartphone. Restarting the phone helps the device to work properly. This way is commonly effective to solve problems like this.
  3. Forget the network and reconnect to the same network again. The saved credential of the network will be deleted after we forget the network. By doing this we clean the data related to the network on our device. Then, when we want to connect to the same network again we can enter the recent credentials.
    How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android
  4. Check how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you said the maximum number of connected devices on your Wi-Fi network then it is already reached the maximum, of course, you will not be able to connect to the network. So, you need to increase the maximum number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi or you can disconnect the other devices.
  5. Restart the modem of your Wi-Fi. By doing this the modem will restore its ability to normal again.
  6. Contact your device manufacturer. It is possible that the device you use has a defect. Let your device manufacturer helps you to solve the problem on your device.

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