How to Fix a Locked Instagram Account — As you are visiting this article right now, you may experience an annoying issue. Your Instagram account is locked, I guess. There are some reasons why Instagram is locking your account. First, Instagram detected that there is a bot-like activity in your account. Second, you use the third party that is categorized as harmful by Instagram, and etc. If your account is already locked by Instagram and you still want to try to save it, you can do that.

Here are the steps of How to Fix a Locked Instagram Account:

  1. First, launch the browser on your laptop.
  2. Then visit My Instagram Account Was Deactivated.
    How to Fix a Locked Instagram Account
  3. There are five fields to be filled in (full name, email, Instagram Username, reason). Now, fill in those fields with the correct data of your locked Instagram account.
  4. Please recheck all the data you input and make sure that those are correct. Now, click the Send button.
  5. After that, you will receive a reply that is asking you to write down a code from Instagram on a piece of paper, then you have to take a photo of yourself with that paper. The photo must be natural, not an edited photo, your face and your paper must be seen clearly too. This seems complicated but it is the way Instagram protect their users.
  6. This process takes a bit long time of period. Then, you will receive a confirmation from Instagram that your account has been unlocked by them.

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